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While it is not unprevalent for Southern families to have a babsence massist, Aunt Alexandra apparently feels that Calpurnia exerts as well a lot affect on her brother"s youngsters in locations that have actually nothing to do through her occupation.

One evening quickly after Aunt Alexandra"s arrival, Scout asks her father what the...

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While it is not unwidespread for Southern family members to have actually a babsence massist, Aunt Alexandra reportedly feels that Calpurnia exerts too much influence on her brother"s kids in locations that have actually nothing to perform with her occupation.

One evening quickly after Aunt Alexandra"s arrival, Scout asks her father what the word "rape" indicates. Atticus replies that it is "carnal understanding of a female by force." This definition is one that bit Scout more than likely does not understand, but it satisfies her. So she then asks her father why "comin" from church that day" Calpurnia told her to ask her father. When Atticus asks Scout to define, she tells her father that they saw church through Calpurnia the Sunday that he was in Montgomery, and on the method home she asked Calpurnia about rape. Startled to hear that her niece and also nephew visited a church via Calpurnia, Aunt Alexandra drops her embroidery right into her lap and simply stares at the children.

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Then, bereason Scout does not understand also her aunt"s reaction, she innocently asks her father if she and Jem might join Calpurnia following Sunday. Alexandra interjects, "You may not." Scout disrespecttotally tells her, "I didn"t ask you!" Of course, Atticus renders Scout apologize, and also Scout leaves the room. She overhears Alexandra tell Atticus:

"You"ve obtained to execute something around her....You"ve let points go on also long, Atticus, also lengthy."

It is then that Alexandra says that Calpurnia is no longer necessary, yet Atticus insists that she is a "faithful member" of their household. Clearly Alexandra does not agree as she appears to think that Calpurnia has actually too a lot influence on the children, and she is not an ideal influence, at that.