How To Play Emotional Songs on Guitar

If you are looking to create a sad song, we are below to assist. Luckily tbelow are a handful of chord progressions that will certainly make you cry, weep, wail, and also contheme all your relationships and life decisions. So, grab some tworries and also your guitar and let"s get depressed! (if you want to learn how to affix chords, inspect my 52 Chord Progressions ebook)

What Makes a Song Sad?

There are a couple of different answers to this question, but among the major ones is minor chords. In general, the major lifts us up and the minor brings us dvery own. However before, we have the right to use various other chord voicings to get a low feeling, occasionally diminiburned and 7th chords carry out the essential vibe.

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Popular Sad Chord Progressions


Example in the vital of C: Am F C G

This development is periodically called a "sensitive female progression" as it was common in 90"s alternative songs by women like "One of Us", "Building a Mystery", and also "Foolish Games". But it has actually been approximately for a lengthy time through songs like "The Passenger", and also "San Francisco". It is a comparable progression to the Axis of Awesome and also extremely common.

P.S. Those Romale Numbers over are a way to represent progressions, in the free downfill location you discover a complete recommendation around this system. You have the right to also inspect my Nashville vs Roman numbers system here.


Example in the key of C: C Am F G

The doo wop development is well suited to both happy and sad songs, depending upon the melody and singing style. It is specifically an excellent chord sequence for reflective songs with a "happy" sad tone. Songs like "Earth Angel", "Unchained Melody", and "Stand By Me".


Example in the key of C: C Em F G

This one"s for rock ballads like "Hungry Heart" and "Eincredibly Tme You Go Away". The minor third is constantly a help once taking care of sad songs and also it mixes great through the 1-4-5.


Example in the essential of C: C Am Dm G

This is a prevalent development for jazz criteria together with sad songs, as we get "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", and also "Without You" as soon as we mi

x the vi and also ii. If you desire to create a really sad or contemplative tune, this is a great progression to pick. Sometimes the ii is reput with the iii and also supplied in doo wop additionally.


Example: Am Am/G D/F# F

This development might seem confusing but it would look choose these chords; Am-Am/G-D/F#-F. This is the development for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". And chord progressions with descending bass lines frequently make good sad songs, tbelow is somepoint around moving down in notes that takes our mood with it!


Example in the essential of Bm: Bm A E

This one is comparable to the rock I-bVII-IV, just making use of minors for a sadder vibe. The the majority of renowned instance being "Wicked Game".


Example in the crucial of Am: Am G F E

This is frequently viewed as Am-G-F-E or (A-G-F-E) and is existing in songs like "I Can"t Tell You Why" and "Science Fiction, Double Feature". The flamenco vibe provides it a mysterious feeling on height of being a little sad.


Example in the essential of Am: Am F Em

A development like Am-F-Em-Am renders for rather the depushing chord sequence and is used in "Requiem for a Dream".


Example in the crucial of C: Em Dm C

Chord progressions prefer this or through the IV mixed in are often provided as interludes or bridges. They don"t continue to be strong on their own for lengthy, however include additional melancholy feelings as soon as they are used in songs choose "November Rain" and also "Let"s Stay Together".


Example in the vital of Am: Am E7 Am G C G Am E7 Am

Of course, we can"t forgain La Folia, the oldest progression in western music. When played it has actually a medieval and also courtly sound, however can easily be molded into a tune of epic sadness. Try playing Am-E7-Am-G-C-G-Am-E7-Am and also you hear the sad potential!

You discover more progressions (with chord diagrams for all the keys, not simply C) in my finish ebook 52 Chord Progressions.

Other Ways to Make the Song Sad

You are not just restricted to chord progressions, tbelow are several various means to assist bring the mood dvery own. Using descending chromatic notes deserve to work; choose through the famous sad trombone.

Your guitar method will certainly likewise be a small different, as you will typically not be adding in syncopation or staccato playing. Most of the time your notes will certainly be longer and more deliberate in legato style.

Techniques like vibrato will certainly certainly have actually their location, in addition to expressive bends. With a sad song it have the right to often be shelp that less is even more, save it simple and don"t play as well loud.

And it"s more than simply your guitar playing, vocals can be a big component of making a song sad. Besides the certain mindful lyrics, you will certainly likewise be making bigger melodic leaps in notes once emotional parts hit. Think of all the sad songs wbelow the singer builds to a crescencarry out or modulates from loud to soft to convey their feelings. If you are a really awesome guitarist you may simply be able to analyze a killer vocal line to your guitar.

Guitar effects pedals have the right to likewise help through chorus, reverb, delay, echo, and also all manner of wails and shrieks. In basic, you want pedals that can include a dreamfavor high quality and ambience, nopoint choose crazy overdrive and also distortion. If you use any harmonizers you will certainly be wanting intervals and chords that are minor.

Rhythms To Try Out

It will certainly also be helpful to use sreduced tempos and attempt out some different genres. The rhythms below are good to compose sad songs to, pick a crucial and also chord development up over and try playing in addition to these grooves.

4/4 Slow Jazz Brush Groove

4/4 Slow Motvery own Groove

4/4 Slow Rock Groove


If you use one of the progressions over, specifically those through minor chords, you will certainly have actually no trouble composing a sad song. That is if you remember the final pointer to creating a "down" ditty; a sad song is finest written ideal away, once the sadness is real and raw.

The essential is to not forgain your music theory in the bad moment! And do not let the tears smudge the lyrics...

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For more chord progressions and brand-new song concepts, you could find advantageous my ebook "52 Chord Progressions | Learn How To Connect Chords and Create Great Songs ", inspect it out right here.