"Yes, BJ. And exactly how a lot Vaseline did they spreview almost everywhere Georges St. Pierre"s body?

(See image over.)

That much, really?

Wow! That is a lot of lubrication!

And you say that you kept slipping off his body and also falling to the mat on your back?

Oh, my! How awful for you! 

You have to have actually felt so helpless, kind of favor a pig walking on ice or favor the prince in the fairy tale trying to reach the peak of the ice mountain!

Well yes, I did review around it in "Rear Naked News", but I believed it was just sour grapes bereason he blew his reputation as an MMA professional in choosing you to win the fight.

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Anyone who uses a snapshot of Randy "The Natural" Couture to hide behind when reporting news and also making his own predictions, which are, incidentally, quite the opposite from the authenticated athlete himself is both a coward and a liar.

Thank God through Grandma Dee making use of her own photo a reader has no possibility of mistaking her for an authentic sporting activities celebrity and also knows that they are reading a homely old woman"s own opinions, senile though they may be.

Well, BJ, Buddy, I am so sorry I blew the rumors off.


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Not lengthy ago I was reporting on Ken Florian"s complaints that Roger Huerta used something dubbed "Albolene" to cut weight for their UFC 87 enhance up.

Ken Flo claimed that it made Roger simply terribley slippery and also tough to hold onto during their fight.

Of course that didn"t store Kenny from beating Roger quite handily on that occasion.

Indeed, it is too bad that the Vaseline retained you from beating Georges to death Saturday night.

Grandma Dee uses Vaseline (Lavender scented) on her skin to organize in moisture and also prevent irritating dryness.

So much Grandpa Mel has actually still been able to hang onto her, and neither of us has actually fallen out of bed.

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Just a suggestion, though. The following time you attempt to beat Georges to death, I suppose in the instance of a reenhance, please don"t carry out it with your confront.