If you"ve watched the Wells Fargo Championship or the 2017 PGA Championship, then you"ve no doubt heard about the Green Mile at Quail Hollow Club. And if you"ve been playing a drinking game, then you"re analysis this via a splitting headache, and you"re wondering what the Environment-friendly Mile is and why it gained that name.

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First, the easy part. The Green Mile is the cshedding three-hole stretch at Quail Hollow Club:

No. 16 - A 506-yard par 4, the 16th hole was modified in 2013 to add 80 yards to the hole by relocating the green closer to the edge of the water of the pond on which the 17th hole likewise sits. The hole is currently a dogleg ideal, demanding a perfect attract for a second shot that can take on the penal water danger. Missing the green to the right creates a treacherous downslope swarm to a tarobtain through a green running away from the player.No. 17 - A 223-yard par 3 that can play under 175 yards, the tee swarm plays virtually completely over water to a peninsula green through a deep green. A bunker on the right collects many bail-out tee shots, inviting disaster via a poorly executed explosion swarm. The multi-tier green is tough to negotiate, specifically after lacking the green off the tee.No. 18 - A 494-yard par 4 to cshed, the downhill tee shot is framed through a nasty bunker on the best and a stream up the left side. The uphill second swarm can still land also in the stream on the left and also plays to a huge, sloping placing surchallenge.

Alappropriate, currently that you understand what the Eco-friendly Mile is, currently you wonder why it"s dubbed the Environment-friendly Mile. According to a USA Today report, the Green Mile is called after the 1999 Stephen King book of the exact same name, which chronicles the story of a magical death row inmate. The Eco-friendly Mile is a priboy term for the last walk a death row inmate to the execution chamber.

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The moniker was provided to the stretch by a caller right into a Charlotte sporting activities talk golf show. The host, Reid Spencer, and PGA experienced Del Ratcliffe thought the three-hole stretch essential a name, so they took calls. Eventually, a caller came in through the "Eco-friendly Mile," and that was that.

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