And we"ll be the first to say.... we don"t have A FRAT, we have EVERY FRAT! More Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is this "Blutiful History" you refer to?A: Both KAPsi and SGRho were founded in Indiana. Most of the other members of NPHC were founded at Howard University or in the surrounding area. It has been SAID that there were members of KAPsi who supported the development of SGRho during our developmental years, leading up to and immediately after 1922. Now this is ONLY a wives tale, seeing as no one who was around then, is still around today to say whether things TRULY went down like that. But we do know that during the years between 1911 and 1922 most African Americans who chose to join black greek organizations, joined either SGRho or KAPsi for lack of any other options. The two organizations were innovating in a place others where afraid to tread..... This led to most of the programming done during that time period was done as a collaborative effort between the two organizations. Q: Why do the women of Sigma Gamma Rho carry kanes? A: Most SGRhos carry kanes because they were passed down to them. Because of our history with Kappa Alpha Psi, it is believed that the kane was given to SGRho as a gift from KAPsi. Again, this is a wives tale that continues to be debated. While almost all black greek organizations today carry some type of cane or walking stick, it continues to be the trademark of both KAPsi and SGRho. Q: What is Indiana Luv? A: Duh! I thought we already covered that! Q: Why is it that in my area the Kappas and the AKAs are frat and sorors? A: I know for a FACT that Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. does not recognize ANY sister organization nationally. In some areas (alot of areas) there is a "Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls" affiliation. Usually in these areas, SGRho is little to non-existant. This affiliation does not affect SGRho in any way, seeing as we do not recognize any brother organization. Q: Why do you have Indy Luv AND Sigma Rhomeos? A: We don"t HAVE Sigma Rhomeos. We don"t have ANY brothers (didn"t we already cover that also? pay attention!)Sigma Rhomeo is a Fraternal Order that at one time was an auxilory group to Sigma Gamma Rho. They have our colors, and also carry kanes. They were very much like Krimson Kourt Inc., also known as Kappa Sweethearts. When the National Pan Hellenic Council disbanned all auxilory groups, Sigma Gamma Rhomeo was strong enough to stand on its own.

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What once was an auxilory, Sigma Gamma Rhomeo, is now a Fraternity, Sigma Rhomeo. We luv them, and we are proud of them! PLEASE! PLEASE! NO MORE QUESTIONS...THAT"S ENOUGH FOR TODAY! Heart and Soul| Photo Album| Calendar of Events | Sigma Art| Interestees|Home |SG-WHO!?! |