Your young reader will obtain the initially concern 4-6 weeks after we have actually processed your order. If you subscribe by mail, please allow an added week for shipment of your order to our office.

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If you"d prefer to let the lucky recipient recognize what"s coming ahead of time, you can sfinish an ecard by logging right into your account and selecting the "Sfinish gift card" option from the Order Options menu.

United States: For magazine subscriptions, tbelow is no shipping fee for distribution to addresses within the U.S. and also to APO/FPO addresses (including US Territories).

Canada: For Canadian magazine subscriptions tbelow is a USD$15.00 shipping fee charged per subscription per year.

No difficulty. We sfinish our magazines, books and also assets to APO/FPO addresses. They are treated as regular UNITED STATE letters and packperiods and are sent out by means of the USA Postal Service (USPS).

United States: For delivery to addresses within the U.S., US Territories and to APO/FPO addresses, the shipping fee is based on your order full for each shipping attend to.

Canada: For delivery to Canadian addresses, we charge a USD $15.00 shipping fee in addition to the standard domestic fee.

Unfortunately, we do not ship magazines or commodities outside of the USA or Canada. If you are interested in purchasing one of our digital products around the world, you can carry out so via iTunes or the Google Play keep (subject to terms of use).

There are a number of methods to renew so that your young reader won"t miss a solitary issue:

Online (Easiest!) Log right into your account and renew by visiting

By Phone Give us a speak to at 1-800-821-0115 in between 8AM and also 9PM EST, Monday through Friday.

By Mail To conserve a stamp, sfinish the rebirth develop we mail to you in the postage-paid envelope gave, or sfinish your request to: Cricket Media P.O. Box 6395 Harlan, IA 51593-5895

We have magazines for children of all periods (6 months – teens) and interests. If your young reader is ready for another magazine, you have the right to conveniently switch your subscription to another of our 11 award-winning magazines at no charge.

That"s our CRICKET Guarantee: You can change your subscription to one more of our award-winning magazines at any type of time, absolutely free.

To make the switch to an additional magazine, you have actually two options:

Rerotate the rebirth notice we sfinish you in the mail and pick "select an additional magazine" so we have the right to switch you over as component of your rebirth. If you"d prefer us to readjust your magazine prior to your present subscription expires, simply let us understand on the regeneration alert.
How have the right to I tell when my magazine subscription will certainly expire?

We print the expiration date of your magazine subscription on the mailing label of every problem you or your kid receives. If you do not have actually the magazine handy, no problem. You have the right to log right into your account at to uncover the expiration day.

Who deserve to rebrand-new a subscription?

Anyone that is 18 years of age or older is welconcerned renew a subscription. You do not need to be the original purchaser in order to renew.

Who receives rebirth notices?

Renewal notices are sent out to the perkid who purchased the subscription. If you are a gift-giver living at a different resolve than the lucky young reader who gets the magazine, you will certainly obtain regeneration notices at your deal with.

If a subscription has not been renewed by the moment the final problem mails, we"ll wrap up the magazine with a distinct reminder that it"s the last worry – and a card to rerotate if you"d prefer to renew.

How execute I give a magazine subscription as a gift?

When you are in the checkout procedure online or filling out an order create in the mail, we will certainly ask you to carry out a name and deal with for each item in your shopping cart. This process will certainly enable you to send the order as a gift.

Can I include a card or customized message through my gift subscription?

Yes – by email. You may send the recipient an electronic gift card by logging into your account and also selecting the "Send gift card" alternative from the Order Options food selection. Unfortunately, we can"t carry out this by mail currently however we"re working on it.

Can I sfinish presents (both magazine subscriptions and also one-time gifts) to even more than one shipping address?

Yes! You deserve to sfinish to as many kind of addresses as you have to.

What happens as soon as a magazine is discontinued?

We have actually linked some magazines, so if you ordered any type of of the magazines listed below, you"ll be receiving the new, merged publication. If you don"t love your brand-new magazine, just let us understand and we can aid you select from our various other magazines.

CALLIOPE merged into DIG, reliable via the July/August 2014 concerns APPLESEEDS combined right into ASK, reliable with the April 2015 concerns ODYSSEY linked right into MUSE, effective through the April 2015 issuesCICADA was not linked via an additional magazine. CICADA came to be an online-just neighborhood and also magazine in January 2018. CICADA Magazine and were closed in August 2018.
Does the length of my subscription change?

No, the size of your subscription won"t readjust at all. You will obtain the new, combined magazine for as long as you were originally schedubrought about obtain the original title. And if you were receiving both titles, you will gain an extended subscription that lasts as lengthy as both current subscriptions combined. For instance, if you had actually three problems left of APPLESEEDS and two of ASK, your brand-new ASK subscription is 5 even more linked, massive issues.

What if I simply renewed my subscription?

All renewals to the old magazine will certainly immediately be renewed to the brand-new magazine. You won"t miss out on a single concern.

Does this adjust cost me anything extra?

No. The additional content you will obtain in the unified title comes at no additional charge.

I have a question not spanned right here...

We love hearing from you. You deserve to contact us by email at cricketmedia or ssuggest provide us a contact at 1-800-821-0115.

Are your magazines publiburned in any other languages?

Our existing magazine titles are publimelted in English. We have actually ago problems of our Ask en Espanol, Babybug en Espanol, Ladybug en Espanol, and also Iguana magazines accessible at the Cricket Media Store.

How deserve to I check out a sample of your magazine?

You deserve to watch a sample concern of all of our magazines at

Do you accept advertisements in your magazines?

No, our magazines are ad-free!

How can I subscribe to one of your magazines?

You can subscribe to any type of of our magazines straight from our digital store at

How do I cancel a subscription?

You might call us at 1-800-821-0115, Monday — Friday in between 8 am — 9:00pm EST and our Customer Service team will aid you.

How frequently do you publish your magazines and also once will I obtain them?

Each of our magazine titles is published nine times per year: January, February, March, April, May/June, July/August, September, October, and November/December. If you have not got your worry by the tenth day of the month of the concern, please contact customer business to permit us to job-related with you to fix the cause of the delay.

I"ve newly relocated, or I will be relocating shortly. How have the right to I readjust my bill to and/or ship to address?

You might change your attend to by logging into your account at Because we get our magazines all set to mail quite far in advance, readjust researches might take 1-2 problems prior to you watch the adjust take impact.

My child is obtaining too old for his/her present subscription. What have the right to I do?

We have magazines for kids of all periods (6 months — teens) and interests. If your kid is prepared for an additional magazine, you have the right to conveniently switch your subscriptions to any of our other magazines by logging into your account at and also picking a different magazine for no added charge.

Since we acquire our magazines all set to mail rather far in development, change requests might take 1-2 problems before you view the change take impact.

I am interested in purchasing ago worries of your magazines. Can I do this?

Yes, available ago worries deserve to be purchased digital from our keep at

I did not receive a magazine issue that is part of my subscription or my issue was damaged. How deserve to I correct this?

We"re sorry and also are happy to remedy the instance. Report a missing or damaged problem in the My Account area. Simply log right into your account at and select "Report Missing/Damaged Issue" from the Order Options menu for the associated subscription.

I desire to mail in an order, wright here have to I sfinish it?

You deserve to sfinish it to: Customer Service Department Cricket Media P.O. Box 6395 Harlan, IA 51593-5895

I would prefer a copy of your catalog, how deserve to I repursuit one?

We no much longer produce our printed magazine. You deserve to check out every one of our easily accessible magazines and products virtual at

What if my kid doesn"t prefer his/her current subscription?

If, for any reason, you are not totally satisfied through the magazine that you are presently receiving, you may switch your subscription to any among our various other magazines by logging right into your account at

Since we gain our magazines all set to mail fairly much in development, change researches might take 1-2 problems before you see the readjust take impact.

When need to my child begin reading your magazines?

We have 11 magazines that are proper for all childhood age groups, from infants to adolescents. BABYBUG®, for instance, is perfect for infants and also toddlers. BABYBUG is filled through vibrant illustrations and also straightforward rhymes and stories that babies and paleas will certainly reap reading together aobtain and also aobtain. As your boy grows, you have the right to change your subscriptions to keep pace through your child"s reading level and interemainder.

Our digital store is arranged by age category to help you determine the correct magazines and also books for your child"s age. These are general guidelines, and also we recommend that you discover the best fit based on your child"s advancement.

How carry out I use the promovement code on your website?

When viewing your Shopping Cart, you will certainly find the box to use your Discount Code to the left of the Grand also Total area.

Get in your code and also click the switch. Any pricing discounts will currently be reflected in your shopping cart.

Can I usage even more than one proactivity code at a time?

Just one at a time, please. We"ll use the a lot of current proactivity code you enter.

Wbelow can I obtain a promovement code?

We frequently send promovement codes in emails or mailings that you receive from us. Visit to authorize up for our mailing list if you are interested in receiving future uses.

Why am I gaining an invalid code message?

If you are receiving an invalid code message, please verify your code and attempt again. Also inspect to make sure that proactivity hasn"t expired, which can be the cause.

Why are the prices I obtained different than the ones on your website?

Prices that you obtain in emails or mailings directly from us, might reflect a discounted price. Once you location the items right into your shopping cart and usage the promovement code you got from us, the prices will certainly be updated on the items in your shopping cart to reflect discounts.

Do I need to pay sales taxes on my orders?

If your order (excluding magazine subscriptions) is shipped to an address within Illinois, tbelow is a 6.25% sales tax. For orders (publications, assets, and magazines) shipped to an deal with in Canada, you will be assessed either a HST 15% or GST 7%. This charge is had in your shipping charge.

I would certainly choose to purchase a gift certificate, just how have the right to I execute this?

We execute not currently assistance gift certificates but you deserve to buy gift subscriptions to any type of of our magazines at

What creates of payment carry out you accept for digital orders?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Find Out and also Amerihave the right to Express for digital orders.

Why did I obtain another bill when I sent in a examine already?

Sorry about that. We attempt to procedure payments conveniently, however occasionally it takes a few weeks to be reflected on your account or your payment and also our invoices may cross in the mail. If it has actually been even more than 4 weeks given that you sent out in your examine, please call us at cricketmedia and we will certainly be happy to respond via an apology and an update!

If I pay for a subscription using a crmodify card that is not drawn on US bank funds, will I be charged more on my credit card?

We just accept funds drawn from a US financial institution. You will certainly desire to examine via your credit card agency to watch what extra charges might appear on your statement based on their fees and also exchange rates. For instance, if a one- year subscription to ship to Canada calculates that the full price is $39.95, we will certainly charge US Dollars $39.95. If your card is not in US funds, your credit card firm could charge you the conversion rate which would make the charge around Canadian Dollars $54.31.

If I pay by credit card drawn in Canadian funds, then cancel and I’m owed a remoney, will certainly the conversion rate distinction that I was charged be included in my refund?

No, we only obtain the US dollars charge versus your credit card, which may not equal to what is displayed on your statement after convariation and also exreadjust prices are applied by your bank/card provider. Any extra charges by your crmodify card firm for conversion rates will certainly not be refunded. For example, the charged price to ship one-year subscription to Canada states $39.95 in US Dollars, this is the amount we get, so if you cancel, we just remoney the staying amount due of the original $39.95 US Dollars we obtained. What shows up on your credit card statement may be adjusted based on convariation fees and also exadjust prices as applied by your credit card provider.

Can I have your magazines, books, and also assets sent to addresses exterior of the US?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship commodities to US addresses, US territories and APO/FPO addresses. Magazine subscriptions deserve to be sent out to US addresses (consisting of US areas, and APO and also FPO addresses) and also Canadian addresses. If you are interested in purchasing one of our digital assets globally, you have the right to execute so through iTunes or the Google Play store (topic to regards to use).

How long does it require to process an order?

Our goal is constantly to supply an order as easily as feasible subject to availcapacity, receipt of payment, and/or crmodify authorization. We strive to procedure orders placed virtual, using fax, or by phone through our customer organization department, within 24 hours. For orders inserted by mail, we strive to enter and also procedure the order within 5 service days of receiving your letter.

How long does it require to receive a book or product?

You need to mean to get the product you order, consisting of non-subscription orders (i.e. single copies) of Cricket Media"s magazines, about 10-15 company days after we have processed your order. If you ordered by mail, please permit an extra week for delivery of your letter to our office.

Where are our commodities shipped from?

All of our products are shipped from our warehouse in Des Moines, IA.

What carriers perform you use to send out your products?


What is your shipping and also managing policy for Publication and product orders?

For books and also products shipped to addresses within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses, the shipping fee is based upon the complete amount of your order per shipping deal with.

Can you tell me if your toys are "lead free"?

It is a need for all our sellers to supply third-party test records which encertain that all the assets offered in our directory are 100% non-toxic. This requires that they accomplish or exceed all Federal and State needs for lead content.

How perform you recognize age variety for the products?

Several components are considered when establishing the age grade for a product.

The CPSC "Guidelines for Relating Children"s Ages to Toy Characteristics" Whether or not the item contains small components in the "as obtained state" Size and weight of the of the item: tiny, lightweight to grasp and carry The theme: represents prevalent objects easily determined by the son Degree of realism Type and level of ability forced The manufacturers stated intent: such as a label if it is a reasonable one The write-up is mainly recognized as being intfinished for youngsters under 3 years Advertising, promotion, and also marketing Our very own testimonial of the product to children"s physical and also developpsychological stages
What is Cricket Media"s procedure for ensuring the safety in all of its products?

All commodities that we market have passed a thoturbulent product evaluation for both safety and developpsychological worth. Our Catalog Quality, Safety, and Merchandising groups work together to encertain that all items comply via federal government safety and security standards.

Cricket receives duplicates of testing actions and methods from all of its toy sellers, making sure they comply via rules and also regulations. Safety and also risk labels are provided on every one of the products pperiods of our website.

We proactively interact our providers on product security matters by:

Instructing our service providers that all product shipped to us is compelled to accomplish or exceed all applicable requirements. Providing indevelopment and training related to safety and security demands. Regularly reviewing suppliers" compliance.

Samples of eexceptionally children"s product are tested. We execute not authorize distribution of commodities unless the test outcomes satisfy both our requirements and also federal safety demands. Products are tested according to requirements establiburned by the CPSC Amerihave the right to Society for Testing and Materials, and also other state and also federal agencies, as applicable.

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A correct certificate of conformity acproviders the distribution of products we purchase.