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HANDS UP IF you’re familiar with this situation: You’re poised, tweezers in hand also, prepared to assault a straggly brow hair. You pluck it and also every one of a sudden you can’t. Soptimal. Sneezing.

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If this happens to you, recognize you’re not alone. It’s a little bit of a phenomenon.



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It appears weird, but there’s a pretty straightforward explanation for it: Plucking your eyebrows have the right to literally obtain on your nerves.

The trigeminal nerve connects the confront to the brain – it has actually 3 branches, among which supplies nerves to the eyes, the forehead, and the nose.

Dermatologist Eric Schweiger tells NewBeauty.com that tweezing your eyebrows ‘excites’ that nerve:

When the trigeminal nerve is stimulated by eyebrow tweezing, this causes excitement of the nerve in the nasal area as well, which deserve to cause a sneeze.

Speaking to The Cut, beautician Kristie Streicher says she notices it in roughly 15-20% of her clients, and also generally the left eyebrow gets it worse than the appropriate.

To trick the nerve and also prevent sneezing, she argues pushing your finger down on the eyebrow while you pluck.

The more you know!

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Do you sneeze eextremely time you pluck your eyebrows? Here"https://nlinux.org/why-do-i-sneeze-when-i-pluck-my-eyebrows/imager_3_2321_700.jpgs what"https://nlinux.org/why-do-i-sneeze-when-i-pluck-my-eyebrows/imager_3_2321_700.jpgs going on Comments