While wearing lipstick for a few hrs I construct this white "film" on the inside of my lips. It looks so gross and also I was wondering if any of you females have actually experienced this. Any principles on just how to preventit?


I get this all the time and I only wear lip balm usually. I heard its dead skin mixing through the lip balm or stick.



Hey females it is dead skin...exactly you must exfoliate your lips. So if you take a damp fabric after brushing your teeth and also go in a circular motion roughly your lips this shouldassist.


Its dead skin so as component of my everyday routine i have strting using a homeade sugar scrub on my lips. I simply mix white sugar through coconut oil and also mint vital oils ( i choose the means it tingles) rub on lips for about 2 minutes then wipe through dampfabric.


It doesn't seem to be dead skin on me.. I use a lip scrub and it only happens with particular products!! If it is dry skin, why does it just show up via some assets and also not others? I hate as soon as it happens. Sogross!

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