This is an amazing observation. As I reflect on my long-term P addiction, I deserve to see a correlation between the sluggish escalation in content and also my enhanced feelings of shame and remorse in that post-PMO minute. In the beforehand days, once I just looked at say beautiful solo models, all I felt was perhaps a little regret that she wasn't actually my girlfriend.But later on, as the P acquired even more hardcore (i.e. with actual sex happening), even more degrading, even more shocking, even more deviant, and so on - I started feeling worse and also worse about it later on. It's like the imagined experiences gained farther and also farther away from my true self, and hence that bigger disconnect would cause true repulsion at what I'd just looked at.

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chiyu,Jun 22, 2018
chiyu,Jun 22, 2018
Jun 22, 2018#6

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While you're watching porn & masturbating your dopamine levels are extremely high which makes you feel good... when you're done (when you ejaculate) that dopamine reaches it optimal and also then entirely stops which reasons your brain to shock ago right into truth. Think about it like a giant delicious plate, it taste delicious (and raises your dopamine) while you're eating it however once your done eating it you feel fat and also perhaps ashamed at the fact that it might impact your heath.
WhyNotSheight,Jun 22, 2018
WhyNotSheight,Jun 22, 2018
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