Me: "To hide in cherry trees." You: RRRR! Me: "Have you ever before seen an elephant in a cherry tree?" You: "No." Me: "See? it works!" I"ve always wondered around this.



Citizen Irrelevant writes:

This question strikes me as (1) frivolous or trite; or (2) an infantilization of this forum. There are myriad real-world examples of fallacies broadcast everyday in the MSM, which are worthy of deconstructing: this cartoonish entry, ssuggest an absurd exercise.

posted on Thursday, Mar 05, 2020 10:40:24 AM
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Bryan writes:

How about if it"s rephrased:

Crystals prevent cancer.

I"ve worn crystals for years and I"ve never developed cancer.

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Bo Bennett, PhD writes:

Anvarious other TOO prevalent genuine world example of this:

If Trump was liked by God, he would certainly be a flawed perboy (favor various other flawed world in the Scriptures that God decided to do his bidding).

Trump is definitely a flawed person.

Therefore, this is evidence that Trump was favored by God.

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Bo Bennett, PhD writes:

We"re all flawed, not simply Trump.

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Theologically, all human beings are flawed, so having to say "God chooses flawed people" renders simply as a lot feeling as "God chooses human world." You are utilizing Equivocation right here. In the context of the discussion, "flawed" is not "non-perfection;" it is even more prefer "ethically deficient."


Well, gee, it was your usage of "flawed" that I relied upon for accepting your premise. If you intended Trump, in the context of the discussion, was "ethically deficient" it was your equivocation, not mine, as soon as you sassist "flawed" instead of "morally deficient".


I understand my question was just plain silly. I"m pretty new right here, and I didn"t realize that humor is considered incorrect in this forum. How about this: "Why carry out you take aspirin every day?" "Due to the fact that I acquire many headaches." "Have you ever gone a day without taking aspirin?" "I did when, and I gained a headache. That proves it functions."

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Aside from the comments offered, you deserve to likewise see it as affirming the consequent.

If X hides in a cherry tree, then X will not be checked out.

We cannot see X.

As such, X hides in a cherry tree.

This specific instance appears to be a clear joke / irony, so no fallacies. However before, I have checked out similar lines of "reasoning" that are intended to be significant. First, tbelow is Begging the Question (elephant"s don"t paint their nails). 2nd, the "to hide in cherry trees" answer is factually incorrect. Third, the reality that we haven"t viewed an elephant hiding in a cherry tree doesn"t suppose the factor provided for why is sustained by the truth (false reason / Non Sequitur ).

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answered on Wednesday, Mar 04, 2020 06:05:08 AM by Bo Bennett, PhD

Bo Bennett, PhD Suggested These Categories

You (Me:) are assuming that bereason you can"t prove someone wrong, they are appropriate. This is the Proving Non-Existence Fallacy.

Proving Non-Existence

Tami writes:

As Bo shelp, clearly this is a joke. However before, thanks for your short article. Some world make statements that sound just favor this, that need to be jokes, however are not. So, tbelow is still something to learn about fallacy from the Bo"s answer, and also possibly others that may follow. :D