Electric field lines are a visualization of the electrical vector area. At each point, the direction (tangent) of the area line is in the direction of the electric area.

At each point in space (in the lack of any charge), the electric field has a solitary direction, whereas crossing area lines would certainly somehow show the electrical field pointing in 2 directions at once in the very same location.

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Field lines do cross, or at leastern intersect, in the sense that they converge on charge. If there is a place via charge, the field lines will converge on that point. However we typically say the field lines terminate on the charge fairly than crossing tright here.


Electric area lines reveal indevelopment about the direction (and also the strength) of an electrical area within a region of area. If the lines cross each other at a given place, then tbelow need to be 2 distinctly different worths of electric area with their very own individual direction at that provided area. This could never before be the case. Eextremely single location in space has its very own electric area stamina and direction associated with it. Consequently, the lines representing the area cannot cross each other at any offered location in area.

For example, in the photo below, the lines are intersecting and therefore tbelow are 2 directions for Electric Field.


The electric area at any allude is the sum of all the areas because of each individual charge in the mechanism. The field has actually a magnitude and a direction. The area lines are a depiction of the magnitude and direction of the area over an shown area. The field lines suggest in the direction of the field. If lines from 2 sources were to cross, we could effectively amount the 2 areas at that point and reattract the field lines through the brand-new direction. Therefore, we have the right to say area lines never before cross because the sum of two vectors have the right to only have one direction (through the exception of the zero vector)


Field lines are a visual representation of a mathematical construct, like a graph of a role. The defining properties of this visual depiction are

The field lines run parallel to the field at eincredibly allude.The density of the field lines in a space is proportional to the stamina of the area.

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The second building tells you that the field lines have the right to never before cross. If they did the density at the allude wright here they crossed would be unlimited, and also the implication would be that the area stamina is infinite. This is unphysical.

Here is one more method to think about it. What would it suppose for 2 field lines to cross at a details point? It would intend that the field had actually two various directions at that allude. The principle of superposition tells us that the net area is simply the vector amount of the 2. So the total area would just have actually one line going through the exact same point with a direction which was offered by the amount of the 2 other directions.