Let’s be hoswarm for a moment. Our toddlers are cute — no doubt about that! — yet occasionally, their habits is…well…weird.

Picking their noses in public? Drinking the bathwater? Insisting on being naked at all times? Throwing tantrums over the shade of their socks?

Yeah…toddlers deserve to be stselection little human being sometimes!

And speaking of strange — have any of you ever before noticed that your toddler periodically engperiods in some fairly odd self-soopoint actions before naptime or bedtime? Things choose banging their heads against the wall, rocking earlier and forth, or tugging on their hair?

That’s what we’re tackling this day. We’ll take a look at some of the unusual, odd, and also just flat-out weird self-soopoint habits that many kind of toddlers try out from time to time.

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We’ll look at why our toddlers carry out them, exactly how we deserve to take care of it as parental fees, and when the behaviors themselves end up being reason for problem.

Unusual Toddler Self-Soopoint Behaviors

First, let’s specify our terms. What kinds of odd self-soothing actions are we talking about? Well, tright here are many kind of, however here’s a list of some of the many common:

Rubbing/stroking body components. Toddlers may stroke their bellies, their ears, their feet, or various other even more exclusive components as they wind dvery own prior to naptime or bedtime. Some toddlers additionally become quite fixated on stroking their parental fees ears, encounters, or hands.Hair pulling/twisting. Some toddlers yank on or twist their very own hair (or their parents’ hair!) as a way to soothe and also calm themselves prior to sleep.Facial, body, or vocal tics. Toddlers may grimace, shrug their shoulders, twitch, make repetitive noises, and so on as they wind down for sleep.

Why Do Some Toddlers Engage in Weird Self-Soothing Behaviors?

Tbelow are a number of answers to this question, honestly. Some toddlers interact in these kinds of behaviors because they aren’t gaining sufficient one-on-one contact through paleas or caregivers — so they comprise for that absence of cuddling and affection by trying to create it themselves.

For a little portion of children, these kinds of behaviors indicate deeper, underlying problems, like learning disabilities, ADD-ADHD, or autism. They can additionally be a sign of Sensory Processing Disorder. We’ll deal with these more serious problems later on in the post.

However, for many kind of toddlers, these behaviors aren’t an indicator of a major difficulty — they’re sindicate the child’s (odd, weird, strange) method of calming and also soothing himself. Why perform toddlers find these quite bizarre behaviors soothing? Well, as this flyer from the Office of Child Development at the College of Pittsburg points out, repeated habits are thshould help toddlers release tension and also added power, and also act as a calming affect. Toddlers regularly do these habits once they are still full of energy yet need to wind down and also fall asleep (i.e. prior to naps and also at bedtime). They may additionally connect in these behaviors throughout a developmental shift (like potty training) or throughout a season of shift or stress (like during a move, or in the time of the birth of a new sibling).

What Should You Do About Your Toddler’s Weird Self-Soothing Behaviors?

Honestly, perhaps nothing! Drawing several attention to these behaviors, or trying to force your boy to stop doing them (or punishing your child when she does perform them) will just serve to make the actions worse (and also may even make it last longer!) In many kind of cases, you can ssuggest overlook the behaviors, and also they will certainly inevitably go amethod (commonly by the moment the son is 3 or 4.)

If you carry out desire to take actions to minimize these behaviors, take into consideration the following:

If the behavior is incorrect (prefer fondling exclusive parts), then gently let your boy know that it’s somepoint they cannot do in front of others, and need to perform just in the privacy of their room. Make sure not to shame your toddler as soon as you execute this, though – you don’t want them to associate their sexuality via shame and also guilt later in life.If your toddler is banging his head against somepoint hard (prefer the wall), you have the right to try padding the location where he does many of his banging.If your toddler is pulling or twisting her hair (or your hair!), imply that she tug and twist a doll’s hair, rather, or possibly tug on and also twist a blanket.When your toddler starts doing the repetitive behavior, be certain to take the time to market plenty of cuddling and also kisses. If your toddler is old sufficient to talk via you, you may likewise want to attempt asking just how he’s feeling, and if anything’s wrong. You might say somepoint like, “I watch you’re pulling on your ears – are you feeling worried? Did anything happen this particular day that made you feel bad?”Evaluate your family life to determine if there’s anypoint stressful or brand-new that could be causing your toddler to do these recurring actions. Aacquire, transitions (both massive and small) have the right to reason a toddler to feel stressed. If you think something’s stressing your toddler, compensate by providing many affection and reassurance.

Your Toddler’s Weird Self-Soothing Behaviors: When To Be Concerned

While most recurring behaviors, choose the ones we’ve detailed over, are perfectly normal for toddlers, in some cases, they might be a authorize of a deeper trouble — possibly a medical problem. Odd, repeated behaviors may indicate…

So, just how have the right to you recognize if your toddler’s weird self-soothing actions are normal, or are somepoint more? For starters, if your child is actually harming himself (pulling out his hair, banging his head so tough he injures it, pinching or biting himself, and so on.), then take action automatically, and visit a healthtreatment provider. In addition, if your son is withdrawing and spending numerous time alone while doing these habits, or if these habits are interfering via his capacity to communicate via various other people, seek outside assist, as this might be a authorize of somepoint serious. Overall, if you have any kind of involves that your toddler’s repetitive self-soothing behaviors might be a sign of somepoint even more, talk to your child’s healthcare provider.

Remember, paleas — we are not trying to scare you with this information! Rather, we want to sell you this information so that, if your toddler is doing (or inevitably starts doing) any kind of of these repetitive actions, you have actually the facts you have to handle it well and also make indeveloped decisions.

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