Is tright here some kind of meaning or symbolism to the reality that all the sisters committed self-destruction in different ways.

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It would have been much easier for them all to go out in the same means.

For recommendation - Therese took resting pills, Bonnie hanged herself in the basement, Mary stuck her head in the gas stove, and also Lux passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning by leaving the automobile engine running in the garage.


The novel gives much even more understanding into why the Lisbon sisters decided each specific method of self-destruction. The best method to answer this question is to break down each girl and the strategy of self-destruction. The girls are provided in the order that they chose to kill themselves in the novel:

Cecilia - She is not noted in this question, but she is still among the sisters and the initially to die. Her death sets in movement the fate of her sisters. She chose to jump out of the home window and impale herself onto a fencepost. This fatality was incredibly bloody and also dramatic. The remaining sisters did not desire to repeat the drama of Cecilia"s fatality.Therese - She decided sleeping pills and also gin. This strategy of suicide is presumably pain complimentary and also calm since you simply go to sleep. Therese endured from low self-esteem. This approach would certainly let her die quietly without illustration attention to herself. Bonnie - She chose to hang herself. The garments that she is wearing speaks more of symbolism than the suicide itself. She"s dressed in a pink dress, looking almost festive. Chase also compares her to a pinata as soon as he discovers her. The fact that she hung herself and that she is compared to a pinata symbolizes that she wanted attention drawn to her and also she wanted this suicide to make a bold statement. Also, she hangs herself in the basement wbelow a year previously, her sister, Cecilia had actually her party and also then later on killed herself.

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Mary - She decided to put her head in a gas range. This is another technique that is quick and also relatively calm and also quiet. Mary could be protesting her role as a womale in a strict and conservative home and also that her selecting to usage the stove as the reason of her fatality is her method of proexperimentation her role as a womale in society. This theory could be exaggerating the reasoning rather, however, it"s still a believed. Note: Mary falls short at her self-destruction attempt in the novel. She ends up killing herself a month later through sleeping pills like her sister, Therese. Lux - She determined carbon monoxide poisoning by leaving the household terminal wagon running in the garage. It"s necessary to note that Lux died with a cigarette in her hand. This manner of self-destruction symbolizes her rebellious nature. She made a decision a painful and clean way to die, yet chooses a manner which would let her rebellious nature be watched by all with keeping a cigarette in her hand also.

Tbelow is not a clear explacountry regarding why the girls decided these approaches of suicide. Tright here are some hints throughout the novel regarding why:

Their mommy was constantly segregating them from the civilization, yet placing them together in the same room as soon as they were being puniburned. Perhaps the girls wanted to make their own statements as individuals via their suicides.Each of the girls made a decision a tranquil and clean (for absence of better word) strategy of suicide. They did not desire to make a bloody spectacle of their deaths or to attract anymore attention than need be.

Womales that commit self-destruction use less violent methods, such as drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning, than carry out men, who more often usage violent techniques such as weapons and also hanging.