As much as I understand it, Obi-Wan Kenobi"s inspiration for engaging Darth Vader in combat and

permitting himself to be slain

was to buy time for Luke et al to escape from the Death Star. After the fight, he urges Luke, "Run, Luke, run," indicating that he is concerned around whether or not Luke will certainly successfully get ameans.

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But as the subsequent exchange between Vader and also Tarkin reveals,

Vader enabled the heroes to escape so that the Falcon would certainly lead them to the Rebel base.

which appears to intend that they would have escaped regardmuch less of whether or not Obi-Wan "distracted" Vader.

While it"s true that after the duel, Obi-Wan was able to aid Luke in his future development as a Jedi (as discussed in this answer), that appears to be making the best of a negative situation, quite than being the ideal feasible way that Obi-Wan can have mentored Luke.

So my question is: Was Obi-Wan"s loss to Vader a necessary tactical decision, or simply a circumstance of fate?

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Since this is about Luke and also Obi-wan"s motivation, this answer is going to mainly be speculative.

We need to assume below that Obi-Wan was not going to win, or that doing so would"ve taken a really lengthy time, and also risked Luke"s life.

And we need to take note that Luke was willing to stay behind to aid Obi-Wan, also though escape was paramount.

So we deserve to assume that if Obi-Wan hadn"t died then and there, that Luke would"ve continued to be behind, been captured, and taken in by either Vader or the Emperor, then corrupted to the dark side of the pressure (or simply executed on the spot).

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It was unavoidable, at the minute he met Vader

Obi-wan was not going win that lightsaber duel.

Vader: When I left you, I yet the learner; currently I am the grasp.

Obi-wan: Only a master of evil, Darth.

Vader: Your powers are weak old guy.

Obi-wan: You can"t win. If you strike me dvery own, I shall be even more powerful than you have the right to perhaps imagine.

Vader was the Chosen One, trained by a Sith Lord. He was incredibly powerful. Obi-wan does not disagree with Vader; he simply knows that he doesn"t need to win the battle to win the battle.

It was inevitable, at the minute they landed on the Death Star

Vader: I feeling somepoint...a visibility I haven"t felt because...


Vader: Obi-Wan is below. The Force is with him.

Tarkin: If you"re right, he should not be allowed to escape.

Vader: Escape is not his plan. I must confront him alone.

Obi-wan separated himself from the others because he knew what would certainly happen.

It was tactically necessary, at the moment he witnessed the Millennium Falcon

If Obi-wan retreated to the ship through the most effective Dark Jedi in the galaxy in tow, it would have actually all yet doomed the mission.

If Obi-wan stayed and also withstood as long as possible, it would have supposed Luke"s death. Only as soon as Obi-wan passed away, did Luke retreat to the ship.

Yoda: Only a completely trained Jedi knight through the Force as his ally will dominate Vadar and his emperor.

Without Luke (or Leia...), tright here would be no hope of winning versus the Realm. Obi-wan had dedicated his life to watching, safeguarding, and training Luke; he wasn"t around to renege.

Trap, or not

Even if Obi-wan somehow knew of the trap for the Rebels, it wouldn"t have adjusted anything. The Jedi were the just genuine hazard to Vader and also the Emperor. If Obi-wan escaped on the Falcon, Vadar may have determined to rerelocate the larger threat, and conserve the Rebel base for later on.

It was best

As excellent a training document as Obi-wan had actually (or not), Yoda was going to be the better teacher. Whether Obi-wan was alive or not, Luke would have traveresulted in Dagobah and also be taught by Yoda.

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But as a "powerful" omniexisting Force ghost, Obi-wan could guide him wherever he was.