By now, everyone knows that when Michael Jackson passed away, he had actually been exhaustively preparing for a collection of London comeago shows massive in range and mind-blowing in presentation. What everyone does not know is what the King of Pop was favor during the last phase of his life. On Tuesday night (October 27) at 8:30 p.m. ET, News will certainly try to fill in those biographical blanks once we air a live, secret-filled unique from the red-carpet premiere of "This Is It," the documentary around MJ"s initiatives to launch those concerts.

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But for now, we"re providing you a tiny taste of what you"ll check out on the distinct, organized by Smethod and Tim Kash.

For example, what"s the attend to Jackson"s iconic socks — stark white and also sticking out from beneath his high-cuffed pants? Even his dancers weren"t sure at initially. "You"d always think, "Where"s he coming from?" " Devin Jamiekid sassist. "He"s Michael, he can execute whatever he wants, he deserve to wear whatever he wants. But why? The story was that he wanted everybody in the back of these massive arenregarding view his feet."

There have been a lot of rumors over the years regarding why MJ recorded the tips of his fingers before concerts, however music supervisor Michael Bearden actually asked the man himself to gain the fact. "That was one of the points I asked him," Bearden shelp. "And he said, "Because it feels good." And then once he throws his hand a particular way, the white catches your eye. So if you"re doing that" — — "immediately, you"re gonna look right tbelow. It"s simply a show point."

While fans can watch the socks and also tape, what they can never before recognize was what it was choose to stand also beside Jackchild. And as virtually everyone involved in "This Is It" renoted, MJ constantly smelled amazing. "He"d have actually these tradition fragrances done for him and also designers would certainly sfinish him fragrances and also he would certainly tend to mix them rather innocently," choreographer Travis Payne shelp. "And it simply always smelled good. You"d recognize if he was approaching, or it would linger after he was gone."

Dancer Timor Steffens smiled fondly once remembering that lingering, slightly flowery scent. "His smell was so existing, once I hugged him and let go of him and he walked away, I still had his smell on my hand," he shelp.

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"I was smelling my hand like, "That"s Michael! That"s Michael!" "

Don"t miss the "Michael Jackson"s This Is It" premiere one-of-a-kind, airing on and also VH1 tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET! "Michael Jackson"s This Is It" opens up in a limited engagement on October 27 and also wide on October 28.