Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey), the beloved YouTube star through over 8 million subscribers, has ultimately given her followers some insight right into the real reason why she and her boyfrifinish of 4 years, Max "NoSleeves," really broke up earlier in December.

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In a Twitter vent session that started on Sunday, the New York aboriginal hinted that Max"s infidelity was the true cause of the couple"s 2012 break up through the exposing tweet:

"Once a cheater always a cheater. We are never before ever ever before getting back together. Like ever before. #weeeee"

Dedicated "Marbleheads" had come to recognize and love Jenna"s ex, Max Weisz, through his regular cameos in her many comedic videos that she began making ago in 2010 (with her initially viral YouTube video,"How to Trick People into Thinking You"re Really Good Looking," obtaining over 50 million hits). Jenna"s fan base, mostly consisting of preteenager & teenaged girls, were deeply upset by the shocking news that she and Max were separating, posting reactions like "MY LIFE IS OVER," "I feel choose my paleas are gaining divorced," and "everything I know about love is a lie."

As a New York Timeswrite-up profiling Jenna notes, "they were an attractive and also playful couple. She cut his hair. He tried to put makeup on her. They wore elaborate Halloween costumes. It seemed favor a teenage girl"s fantasy of what it would certainly be favor to be grown up through a cute boyfriend and also a project that consisted mainly of hanging roughly virtual."

Max supplied the fame that he acquired from Jenna"s loyal followers to produce his own "spinoff" youtube channel, Max NoSleeves, that currently has over 468,000 subscribers.

When the break up news initially broke earlier in December of 2012, Jenna stressed to her fans that she and Max were still really good friends and also that tbelow were no bitter feelings. However, according to her latest series of tweets, Jenna"s content perspective has actually seemingly readjusted over the past few months.

"I am not going to stay quiet anyeven more. You wronged me for the last time. You men all understand specifically what I"m talking about. I agreed years back to let every one of you be a part of my life. Eincredibly high, eextremely low. I store my most personal company personal because it doesn"t must be out there. I can"t always be as open as I desire bereason I would never want to hurt an additional perchild. But I cannot also PRETEND anyeven more that I support (you know who"s) piggy backed channel after the shit this child did, does and also proceeds to do."

Jenna vented through this statement Monday afternoon, which is presumably referring to her ex boyfriend Max whose "piggybacked" channel just got fame bereason of his well known girlfrifinish in the first location. The Times reveals that Max is "making enough money from YouTube to support himself by adhering to his ex-girlfriend"s template: producing funny, low-budget videos on a strict schedule."

When Marbles first damaged the news around her and Max"s break up, she made certain to carry out so carefully and also strategically, not wanting to portray Max in a bad light or crush her young followers" desires of finding a love favor their "idol" Jenna"s.

"It was extremely stressful," she told NY Times. "I had actually to tell these 13-year-old girls that I damaged up with my boyfriend - who they love - and I wanted to execute it in a means that wasn"t going to hurt his channel."

While Jenna held back much of the details neighboring the break up at the time, she shown the split through the tweet:

"Wow. Max and I broke up after 4 years over BradTheLadLong. COOL."

BradTheLadLong is one more fellow YouTube entertainer, and Mourey harshly commented on among his videos with:

"You can not fu*king sing dude, and also you"re creepy as f*ck."

The comment showed up on jennamarbles major page, leading her loyal subscribers to follow their idol"s lead and also also negatively comment BradTheLadLongs video. This resulted in him being bullied via hate mail and also a couple of death risks.

As for Jenna and Max, the comment, which came to be a scapegoat, was rumored to be the reasoning behind their breakup. It enabled Max to look choose the "good guy" for deffinishing "YouTuber" Brad and shifted the blame. Until currently, Marbles never led her fans to think that Max did anything wrong in their connection.

She ended her recent rant on a more uplifting and motivating note with:

"And for you young girls out there, never before let anybody make you feel like you aren"t worthy of happiness and love. Tbelow is someone in the civilization who wants to love you and also only you for exactly that you are and also I constantly have actually your back."

Although Jenna is grateful that she has somejust how become the most-regarded YouTube star ever, through her random hilarious videos bringing in over 1 billion views, the internet sensation mentions that fame has actually its ups and downs.

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"Sometimes I favor to think it would certainly be nice if you simply had a character and also your individual life was your individual life," she sassist. "My life is absolutely out tbelow, you know?"

As ABC News notes, 26-year-old Mourey has even more Facebook fans than Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, and also her more than 1 million Instagram friends top also Oprah Winfrey. She has actually developed an online empire nearly from her bedroom by posting videos, occasionally while intoxicated, on pretty much anypoint she feels favor.

"It"s ridiculous what I execute," she shelp. "It"s ridiculous that many people watch it and also what I put out on the Web is ridiculous, yeah."

Check out the "Best of Jenna Marbles" video right here to view the girl that Max "NoSleeves" let obtain away: