Mugshot of Jack Leon Ruby - Dallas nightclub owner that fatally swarm Lee Harvey Oswald (the male charged with assassinating UNITED STATE President John F. Kennedy) - November 24, 1963


I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but Jack Ruby never before did fairly make feeling to me. Why kill someone that was most likely going to acquire funding punishment anyway? It's favor shooting someone who's sitting in an electrical chair. There's been a number of reports over the years that he can have actually been connected in arranged crime, and that his killing of Oswald was in link through this. It's also awcompletely convenient that he passed away from cancer appropriate before his second trial.

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I live in Dallas, and eat at his favorite Italian restaurant sometimes. There's pictures of famous human being, consisting of him through the owner that definitely had mob ties. Not sure if that implies anypoint.

Why kill someone that was many most likely going to get capital punishment anyway?

What's in the box?

Detective David Mills

I think he shelp he did not desire to see the instance go to trail and also have actually Jackie relive the assassination.

Jack Ruby was a really exciting character. He operated for Al Capones outfit as a boy, ran guns to Cuba, and also tbelow is some evidence he might have actually went to Santos Traficante (among the greatest mobsters of the 20th century, and a suspect in the assassicountry.) while he was imprisoned in Cuba.

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"Jack Ruby is the guy— Damon Runyun, in his ideal day on LSD, might not have developed Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby began off with the mafia in Chicback. At the age of seventeen was currently involved as an accessory in a murder charge, went dvery own to Dallas. He was, at various times, and sometimes at the exact same time, as much as anybody knew, he was a restaurateur, a bar owner, a pimp, a gun runner, a police informant, an FBI informant. A couple of weeks prior to all this he had been on a airplane smuggling firearms right into Cuba. He was tied in through the mafia. He was every little thing." - Dr. Cyril Wecht

Also the Warren Commission didn't interview him until after the report was finalised. Ruby begged to be moved to Washington to testify further saying "gentlemales my life is in peril here". The Commisioners inevitably refused this request.