A City of Villages
Mulberry Street ca. 1900

The Italian immigrants who passed the test of Ellis Island went around transforming the city that they discovered prior to them. Many kind of previous immiapprove groups, such as those from Germany and also Scandinathrough, had passed through New York City in years past, yet the majority of had actually regarded the city merely as a way terminal, and also had continued on to settle somewhere else in the nation. This generation of Italian immigrants, but, stopped and also made their residences there; one third never before obtained past New York City.

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They scattered all over the New York area, settling in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and also surrounding towns in New Jersey. Perhaps the best concentration of all, though, was in Manhattan. The roads of Lower Manhattan, specifically components of Mulberry Street, quickly became heavily Italian in character, through street sellers, keep owners, residents and also vagrants alike all speaking the exact same language--or at leastern a language of it.

Clam seller, Mulberry Bend, ca. 1900

In part because of the social and also political departments of the Italian peninsula, southern Italian villeras tfinished to be isolated and also insular, and brand-new immigrants tfinished to maintain this isolation in their brand-new country, clustering together in close enclaves. In some cases, the populace of a single Italian village finished up living on the exact same bnlinux.orgk in New York, or also the same tenement building, and also maintained many type of of the social institutions, actions of worship, grudges, and also hierarchies from the old nation. In Italy, this spirit of village cohesion was well-known as campanilismo—loyalty to those who live within the sound of the village church bells.

Many kind of distinctive events and also techniques preserved the unity of the village: weddings, feasts, christenings, and also funerals.

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One that regularly caught the attention of outsiders was the festa—a parade celebrating the feastern day of a specific village"s patron saint. Hundreds or hundreds of residents would certainly follow the photo of the saint in a procession through the roadways of the community.

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