The consistency via which showrunner Damon Lindelof has been giving remedies to his mysteries on Seaboy 2 of HBO"s The Leftovers feels choose a direct rebuttal to those viewers that felt frustrated by Lost’s lack of answers. We have actually currently uncovered out why Erika Murphy buried that bird in a box, what occurred to Kevin after he drank that poison… and currently we have ultimately learned the fate of bad Evie, that disappeared from that lake with her friends method earlier in the seachild premiere. The final moments of this Sunday’s episode, “Ten Thirteen,” revealed the truth: Evie Murphy is alive.

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When Tom Garvey arrived in Texas with Meg, he became intrigued by a mysterious barn on the building where the Guilty Remnant was preparing for their assault on Miracle National Park. He snuck over in the middle of the night to view its contents for himself. Inside the barn tright here was a trailer. And inside the trailer, tright here was… not the piles of plastic explosives viewers might have been expecting from hints dropped throughout the episode; but fairly, Evie and her 2 friends, alive and well — and dressed all in white. “Who are you?” Tom asked, understandably confused. Evie scrawled her reply on a pad of paper via a black sharpie (“It doesn’t matter”) and also slammed the door in his confront.

*document scratch*

Wait, what?? In true Lindelof fashion, this twist raises also even more concerns than it answers. Sure, we now recognize the fate (she’s alive) and whereabouts (she’s in the barn) of the absent girl, however we have absolutely no concept exactly how she got tbelow. Her all-white ensemble and non-verbal communication make one point abundantly clear: Evie has actually joined the Guilty Remnant.

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The 2 greatest inquiries left in the wake of this revelation are, once and also why did the happy-go-lucky teenager we glimpsed in the Season 2 premiere sign up with a cult that attracts generally disinfluenced and also nihilistic adults? Then “when” is deceptively tricky. It’s simple to assume that Evie was converted at some point after her disappearance. That either she was abducted and brainwaburned by the cult, or that she ran away from home and gradually fell into their chain-smoking adopt. But what if she has privately been a member considering that prior to we ever met her? What if Evie as we knew her in the seachild premiere was simply a lie, a facade, a mask hiding the reality of a troubled soul?

It’s true that the Evie we accomplish in flashback, who met a pre-GR Meg on the woman’s expedition to Miracle National Park, was much more moincreased than the Evie we met previously this season. She seemed to sympathize with Meg’s tears, and informed the grieving tourist that nobody ever finds what they’re trying to find in the miraculous tvery own of Jarden. That scene was almost 2 years prior to the occasions of Seachild 2; isn’t it conceivable that Evie joined the Guilty Remnant sometime in the intervening period and has actually been functioning as a sleeper agent on the inside of the National Park for months?

Of course, the “why” of it all is inscrutable till the show divulges Evie’s motives in next week’s Seaboy 2 finale, “I Live Here Now.” But tbelow are plenty of conceivable reasons: a father who bullies, intimidays, and physically strikes anyone who disagrees with him; a mommy who was surreptitiously planning to abandon her husband also and also children; a brvarious other through whom she didn’t share a zealous faith; an exiled grandfather who committed some grievous wrong against the family members. The Murphys that the Garveys met once they relocated in following door may have been the photo of a perfect family members — but that photo couldn’t be farther from the reality. (Who desires to take a bet that the question of Evie"s motives will be answered as soon as Kevin ultimately gets roughly to opening that birthday existing his daughter provided him in the seakid premiere prior to she disappeared?)


And the revelation of Evie’s whereabouts creates yet another mystery. Previously, ghost-Patti indeveloped Kevin that the young girl and her friends had all Departed, or “poofed.” Was the malevolent heart simply messing with Kevin’s head? Or was she hinting at an also stranger truth: that Evie and her friends had actually vanished to wherever all the Departed souls went on that fateful night… yet that they have actually considering that reverted. If so, such a traumatic experience might easily describe their rash decision to join a dangerous cult. And if that proves to be the situation, might their rerotate likewise signal an unmeant reversal in the Sudden Departure? On this anniversary of the apocalyptic occasion, can the Departed begin to reappear as randomly as they disappeared 4 years ago? Hey — stranger things have actually taken place on the finales of Lindelof’s shows.