I never noticed... I assumed it was the same male, just utilizing one more stype of voice... Billy Zane fits ANSEM! Even difficult that Richard Epcar is a good voice-actor, he fits Terra-nort much better than Ansem.... *sigh* Can someoen tell me why Zane left?





Agreed. Billy Zane sounds epic as Ansem the Seeker of Darkness. Ricdifficult Epvehicle... He simply doesn"t sound ideal. I agree, he"s fine for Terranort. 


I have no idea why he left, really, but I"ve heard some major comments around the fact that he was having some troubles with constantly speaking the word "Darkness"...

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It was bereason he obtained tired of saying the same point over and over aget.



Money, scheduling conflicts, losing call, imaginative distinctions, might be anything. There"s probably some outlet wbelow he can be asked around it, gave tright here aren"t any type of Non-Disclocertain Agreements or somepoint in the method of gaining that information.

It was because he acquired exhausted of saying the same thing over and over aobtain.


You beat me to it!!!

Billy Zane did fit Ansem much better than Ricdifficult Epvehicle, and also I have to agree, Rictough Epvehicle fits Terranort better

From what I heard he didn"t obtain in addition to the director affiliated via voice acting (who has currently been fired) and also that"s why he left however I"m not certain on that so do not quote me on it. 

It was because he acquired worn down of saying the same point over and over aget.


He"s among the thirteen darknesses and is unobtainable now.

Actually for a severe answer it can be many points. Money, time, simply does not desire to execute it anymore, etc.

Billy Zanes voice as Ansem is sexier then sexy sex.

Thats totally unconcerned the topic of the threview, but I still had actually to say it. I don"t understand why he never before returned, I wager its due to the... recurring nature of a particular word. That can get tiresome. Even the Nostalgia Critic discussed Darkness in his review of the Phantom.

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From what I heard he didn"t acquire together with the director associated through voice acting (who has actually now been fired) and that"s why he left but I"m not sure on that so do not quote me on it. 

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