I sadly knew this would take place. Beth had actually no character page on the “new” nlinux.org.com, Annie Tedesco was not featured in the actors for Seachild 3 on IMDB, and in an post among the Granite Flats writers said “Arthur loses both of his normal parental fees.” It makes me wonder if it also has actually anypoint to do with Annie Tedesco’s upcoming wedding.This disappointed me significantly, Beth was among my extremely favorite characters!

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Apr 6th, 2015
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Jessica Wideal and also Annie Tedesco behind the scenes.

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Beth Milligan

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Who is your favorite girl character on Granite Flats?

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Granite Flats–Season 1


So I caught a cold, ended up watching Granite Flats for want of something much better to do

It’s set in a small Coloracarry out town in the beforehand 60s. There’s a military base and also a VA hospital surrounding. I assumed it was going to be a kid’s display, because some of the protagonists are 12–a type of Cold War Nancy Drew. It’s actually darker than that; the adults have a fair amount of display time, which allows for subplots around espionage, questionable clinical experiments, and also vague yet menacing federal government agencies.

The opening theme–a fairly sedate song by Skeeter Davis–goes:

Why does my heart go on beating

Why carry out these eyes of mine cry

Don’t they understand it’s the finish of the world

It finished when you sassist goodbye

Which takes on a deliciously unsettling tone when paired through a display collection during the nuclear paranoia of the Cold War.

I finimelted season 1 (surprisingly, as I’m finicky as hell once it involves TV shows). I liked:

Wallace. At first, once he was presented, I assumed he was going to be that generic bully character that exists to make life difficult for the new son. Nope! He got a bunch of character advancement, and was created pretty sympathetically. Which brings me to–Nurse Regina Clark. She takes Wallace in after his (alcoholic, abusive) father gets put in jail. I love Regina. She’s so empathetic. She cares around Wallace, and also is probably the initially adult ever to give him that kind of attention and also assistance. Watching her help him prepare for his science fair task was adorable, and I I loved just how she backed him up against that crazy lawyer. She’d be a stellar parent in any kind of era, though she shines via certain brightness versus the lackluster parental initiatives of her fellow townsworld.The investigateens! Ok, I recognize they’re not dubbed that. Arthur, Madeline, and also Timmy. I favored that their map of the trajectory of the“comet” was legitimately advantageous to the adults; the sheriff, who had gathered the initially couple pieces of debris after numerous civilization dubbed in to report vandalism, didn’t think to look even more, while the FBI did understand to look further, however verified up after the pieces had actually been gathered. The children were the just ones that both knew wbelow the pieces were found (bereason Timmy is the sheriff’s son) and also kbrand-new to look for even more pieces (because Arthur experienced somepoint loss out of the sky). They attracted the map, plotted the probable trajectory, and then uncovered even more pieces to confirm their hypothesis.John Sanders and Ezekiel Scott. Am I the only one that finds it adorable exactly how conveniently they took to each other? This has to be the a lot of chill participating examination in between the FBI and a regional sheriff in TV background.

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Tbelow were some elements I did not like. I did not choose that Madeline was basically Hermione (though her personality did start to make some feeling as soon as her adoptive parental fees are introduced). I did not prefer that the women did not go to each other for assistance, instead electing to go to males (favor their pastor). Why aren’t Regina and also Nurse Beth Milligan (Arthur’s mom) better friends? Why execute Arthur’s mother and also Timmy’s mother barely recognize each other? Timmy little bit Wallace’s ear in support of Arthur! They have to be inviting each other over for dinner and also stuff!

Also, Arthur’s acquired a sullen, insensitive streak to him. He can be pretty intend to Madeline and Timmy. I understand also why they haven’t dropped him, though; they both have trouble keeping friends, too. Madeline has been indoctrinated by her parental fees, who worship at the altar of cold, condescfinishing clinical rationality (don’t acquire me wrong–I favor clinical rationality, yet they usage it to justify their inhumane experiments so…there’s something definitely off about them). And Timmy. He reminds me (rather painfully) of my very own little bit brother that, as soon as young, was outgoing, talkative, and also annoyingly tone deaf to social cues. He had actually trouble making relationships through civilization bereason he would overwhelm them via a wave of cheerful chatter. His father’s confused incapability to relate to him harms, because I’ve seen my own father react the exact same way to my brvarious other.