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Why Can"t I Hold All These Limes? is an image macro series featuring a guy attempting to lug numerous limes in his hands while they appear to be falling from his grasp. Derivatives regularly feature various other personalities failing to secure a range of objects.

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The image of the guy holding the limes comes from a photo of a screen ad for George apparel, maybe from a Walmart.

George is the name of a clothes brand also name owned by the British supermarket ASDA (ASquith DAiries), that are owned by Wal-Mart. The factor he is holding limes is to look friendly and also additionally because ASDA has actually the colour green traditionally. <1>

KYM User Morgan Lowe made the adhering to statement about the origin:

Wow, On april 12th of 2010, My household and also I were at walmart. I observed the ad and believed wow just how stupid… Limes? Of all things LIMES?!?! LOL I tooke a pic via my phone and uploaded it to facebook. I guess various other civilization did the same haha Never before would certainly have assumed it would be a meme! I flipped out as soon as I experienced this because of all the laughs around it haha good times.

The initially photo macros are suspected to have actually come from 4chan, but tright here are no archived threads to confirm this.


The picture macro with the overlhelp text "Why can"t I hold all these limes?" was posted to Funny Junk <2> on July 2fourth, 2010. A Green Oval thcheck out <3> in the Anime / Mango board was developed on August 25th, and featured a number of limes guy derivatives. A Yahoo! Answers question <4> was produced on September 2nd, 2010. A Reddit thread <1> was posted on November 13th, 2010 through a photo of the display screen ad. In February 2011 a Canv.as thcheck out was started.<5>

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