A overview on acquiring Spanish TV, plus alternatives on exactly how to get international networks and also radio stations on your TV or your computer system using the Internet.

What much better method is tright here to gain to recognize Spain than by watching Spanish television? Local TV channels will assist open up up a home window to Spanish society, the Spanish language, and general way of life. But if you elaborate watching TV mirrors from earlier house, you’ll be pleased to recognize that you can easily access these using your TV or the Net in Spain.

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Spain additionally has a large variety of neighborhood, nationwide, and global radio stations that are simple to access. This useful overview gives all the indevelopment you need about TV and radio in Spain, consisting of the following:


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Watching TV in Spain

Fortunately, you carry out not require a license to watch Spanish TV. Accessing neighborhood and global channels is fairly straightforward to arselection. Barcelona and also Madrid were the initially two Spanish cities to experience television in 1948. It was 8 years later in 1956 that TVE, the first appropriate channel, initiated continuous programming throughout the country. In 1990, the initially private networks started to appear and also in the 2000s, analog tv began migrating to digital television. Eventually, analog TV services were officially disongoing in 2010, and also given that then, all national and local terrestrial channels are digital.


Prior to the switch from analog to digital, a UK television collection would certainly not work in Spain. The UK used PAL-1 analog encoding, whereas Spain supplied PAL-BG, therefore, the transmission was problematic. However before, both nations currently use DVB-T digital systems so tbelow is unmost likely to be a difficulty. But if you have actually an old analog TV collection that you want to lug to Spain, you will require a sepaprice digital terrestrial tv (TDT) receiver box that converts the digital channels. You have the right to buy these in Spanish TV shops or in locations such as Carre4 or Alcampo for around €30–40.

Digital TV in Spain

If you want to widen your viewing alternatives, tright here are numerous subscription-based platcreates that you deserve to select from that offer assorted packages. The expense of these packperiods varies according to the channels included and also the provider. For circumstances, some companies may carry out totally free satellite TV if you sign up for their Net package. The primary satellite TV providers and also installers in Spain include:

To obtain extra English channels, such as the BBC, Channel 4, or Sky TV, however, you will certainly need a Sky receiver and a card.

Cable TV in Spain

To accessibility an also larger variety of programs, you have the right to subscribe to a monthly cable service making use of one of the adhering to providers:

Many type of of the properties in Spain are currently wired for cable company, however if you residence is not, you can constantly set-up a link as soon as you subscribe for a brand-new business. Prices can differ, but the average is roughly €300 a year.

National and local TV channels

Tbelow are 34 nationwide Spanish TV networks consisting of HD networks. Five of the channels are public owned by RTVE (La 1, La 2, Clan, 24 Horas, and also Teledeporte) and also the remainder are exclusive.There are additionally many neighborhood TV channels in each of the autonomous areas in Spain. Interestingly, while TV usage initially boosted adhering to the 2008 financial crisis, it has been declining in current years, as Spanish people are turning their attention to various other kinds of media such as smartphones, laptops, and also taballows.

The most famous TV networks in Spain

According to 2019 numbers, national TV channels dominate the ranmajesties in Spain. Telecinco ranked as the most-watched TV terminal in Spain; holding over 14% of the full audience share that year.The channel is the majority of recognized for airing fact TV, soap opperiods, basic entertainment, and what is known as ‘garbage TV’ (tele basura).

The second most well-known channel is Antena 3 with 11.7% of the complete audience share in 2019. This exclusive channel, which introduced in 1990, broadcasts programs that focus on news, magazines, cinema, drama, and also sitcoms. The third many perceived Spanish TV channel, via a 9.4% share, is La 1, which attributes debate programs, documentaries, sports, and entertainment reflects.

Interestingly, neighborhood TV only seems to be renowned in Catalonia, where it videotaped an audience share of even more than 18% in 2019. In various other areas such as Castile and also Leon, however, the audience share was just 0.3%.

English-language TV channels

Fortunately for expats, tbelow is a greater opportunity to watch English-language tv in Spain given that the switch to digital tv. Many kind of Spanish networks now display screen imported UK and US television series and movies from approximately the world; these are frequently called into Spanish.


Thanks to digital tv, however, you currently have actually the choice to watch movies and series in their original language at the push of a switch. You have the right to normally change the language by using the language or audio button on the remote regulate for the digital decoder or the television itself if it has a integrated digital tuner. You also have actually the option to select Spanish subtitles if you want to brush up on your Spanish language skills.

Not just is this option being uncovered by even more and also more Spaniards that appreciate having an added tool to assist improve their English, but it additionally allows English-speaking expats to discover a entirety selection of viewing possibilities without having to resort to satellite or cable TV. That shelp, these layouts obviously carry out market expats far even more choices.

Satellite TV

The mainsatellitefor English speaking TV is Astra 2. Therefore, in order to get accessibility to all international channels in Spain, expats generally have to install a satellite dish on Astra 2. It is wise to contact adependable satellite companythat have the right to install the correct tools for you.


Before you arrange a satellite installation, it is necessary to note that some landlords might need approval prior to dish installation. And if you are acquiring a satellite dish mounted and also it is over 1.9 meters in diameter, you might call for planning permission from the regional Town Hall (Ayuntamiento). However before, this varies in between communities and need to be checked before proceeding through any kind of installation.

Once the satellite dish has been mounted, you won’t have to pay any type of added charges as TDT is complimentary. You will certainly also be able to gain services such as Freesat, which permits you to watch over 140 cost-free UK TV networks in Spain. This business additionally offers subscription-free access to catch up and also on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and also Demand also 5.

Online streaming services

Luckily for expats, there are plenty of methods to get your fix of international TV reflects and also movies virtual once you live in Spain.


Several of the most well-known digital streaming services are:

Getting a VPN in Spain

Across the human being, a raising number of expats are using a Virtual Private Netjob-related (VPN) to encertain their privacy and protection online. As well as helping you browse with more anonymity, these VPNs have the right to also assist unblock virtual content. This permits you to accessibility your favorite sites from home and in other places, consisting of some streaming platforms. VPNs accessible in Spain include:

Radio stations in Spain

National radio in Spain is separated between public and also commercial radio. Tbelow are presently six nationwide public radio solutions, which are broadcast by Radio Nacional de España(RNE), Spain’s nationalpublic radioservice. These include the following:


There are additionally countless commercial networks which broadcast across Spain, of which the adhering to are particularly popular:

Tright here are likewise a dozen foreign-language radio stations obtainable in a variety of languperiods, consisting of Germale, Dutch, Russian, Catalan, and also Scandinavian.

English-language radio stations

Fortunately, tright here is now a big selection of English-language radio stations broadcasting in locations of Spain wright here the majority of expats live. A few of these have been broadcasting for nearly 50 years and have a loyal following among expats looking to capture up on the latest news and also views within their regional communities; and enjoy a range of music.

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Tright here are currently 25 English-language radio stations that are broadactors throughout Spain, of which the complying with are specifically popular:

Online radio stations

When it concerns listening to your favorite radio display, the Web is often the most basic means of finding it. A quick Google search will supply some valuable results consisting of Univision, USA Radio, and Streema, which offers you access to more than 13,000 radio stations approximately the civilization. Furthermore, if you subscribe to satellite TV you will certainly likewise more than likely have actually accessibility to radio channels.