One could think it was out of are afraid of Sauron. However, Elrond and Galadriel still left in the Fourth Age also after Sauron"s defeat. So, I"m wondering, even if Isildur had done the ideal point and also damaged the Ring at the finish of the 2nd Age, would the Elves still have actually left anyway? Had they sindicate had sufficient after experiencing initially under Morgoth and then under Sauron and also so chose to go earlier to Valinor? Was tbelow some preeminence of the Valar keeping them from coming earlier sooner and they just stayed in Middle Earth in the initially area versus their very own wills? Was it because of animosity via guys, favor those like the King"s Men of Numenor that they felt that they might no much longer reside in Middle Earth? Was it because they missed the Elder Days and also as soon as the Three Rings were gone, they were pretty a lot all that was left of the Elder Days so they determined to go earlier to Valinor, which kind of still was in the Elder Days?

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Possible spoilers! And the following is a much more general method through respect to why the Elves might leave Middle-earth.......My external answer: Tolkien"s Elves had actually to leave, die, or fade, as Middle-earth is our earth, and you don"t view them a lot anyeven more these days! So JRRT had actually to have a way, or methods, for them to not be right here, or be right here yet in few numbers, and also reasonably unwatched.Internally: Elves that continued to be in Middle-earth "as well long" would certainly ultimately fade in the body, their spirits consuming their bodies -- technically their fear (plural of fea) consuming their hroar.Also, growth and also adjust in Aman (Over Sea) better accorded through the Elvish longevity, so life there confirmed more suitable to Elves. Keep in mind the desire to sluggish decay and change among certain Eldar that remained in Middle-earth, specifically with respect to the Elven Rings of Power.After the War of Wrath (finish of First Age) the Eldar (leaving the Avarin question aside for the moment) were once aobtain summoned West. Right now tright here was no rule of any kind of significant Dark Lord, favor Morgoth or Sauron. And many kind of Elves that lingered after this second summons, later on passed away fighting Sauron when he increased aobtain, in even more than one battle in the Second Era.In the Third Age there was a long time prior to anyone kbrand-new Sauron had returned, and also by Frodo"s day tbelow were (relatively) extremely few Eldar left.More can quickly be shelp about this topic.

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And given that I"m already generally speaking, I"ll likewise add that not all Elves made a decision to leave Middle-earth. In posthumously publimelted messages for instance, Tolkien defines the Lingerers versus the Houseless.