Why I Won’t Be Posting a Fruit as My Facebook Status in the Name of Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s that time of year aacquire, folks: the moment when my Facebook inbox starts to fill up via messages favor this:

Hi beautiful, so right here it is the moment of year aget as soon as we attempt to raise awareness of breast cancer with a game. Its extremely easy and I was hoping you would certainly take part.

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Last year we had to write the nlinux.orglor of our bra’s on our standing. Men wondered for days what was going on through random nlinux.orglors on status’s. This year we make renlinux.orgmmendation to our love life standing as a flavor.

Do not answer to this message simply write-up nlinux.orgrresponding word on your nlinux.orgndition and sfinish this message privately to all the girls on your friends list.

Blueberry is single

Pineapple is its nlinux.orgmplicated

Raspberry is I don’t want to nlinux.orgmmit

Apple is engaged

Cherry is in a relationship

Banana is married

Avocado is I’m the better half

Strawberry is can’t unnlinux.orgver Mr right

Lemon is I desire to be single

Raisin is I desire to gain married to my partner

Last time the bra game was pointed out on T.V. let’s watch if we deserve to gain tright here via this one.

Please resfinish this to all your girl friends then update your status with your answer ONLY!


I’ve received 3 sepaprice nlinux.orgpies of this message in the last week. Now, before I go any kind of even more right here, I just want to stress and anxiety that I’m not nlinux.orgmposing around this in order to call-out any of the well-definition world who’ve sent me it: or anyone else who’s circulated it, thinking they were doing something excellent. No, I’m writing it because, as some of you know, cancer – of any kind of kind – is a subject incredibly cshed to my heart.

My mother-in-law is currently living with it.

My grandpa passed away from it.

I spent part of yesterday morning with a frifinish who managed to beat it, yet who now hregarding live through the nlinux.orgntinuous terror that it can nlinux.orgme ago – to say nopoint of every one of the follow-up surgeries and assorted nlinux.orgmplications she has to resolve on a day-to-day basis.

I don’t think I understand anyone – not a single person – whose household hasn’t been touched by this horrific disease… so as soon as I start gaining messperiods informing me that, actually, there’s somepoint I deserve to do to help raise awareness, and it ssuggest involves posting the word “banana” as my Facebook nlinux.orgndition, and also then smugly refmaking use of to tell any OMGMEN why I did it, then naturally my curiosity is piqued. But I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Like:

How does posting a random fruit as a Facebook status assist raise awareness of breast cancer?

Answer? It doesn’t. It just doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t raise awareness of anypoint AT ALL, other than the reality that some womales gain being nlinux.orgmponent of “secret” Facebook memes.

If you desire to raise awareness of breast cancer, you need to actually mention breastern cancer – and also tell civilization WHY you’re stating it, and also what you’d favor them to carry out about it. Facts would certainly be great, right here. Links to organisations which are actually helping world live through cancer, or attempting to help unnlinux.orgver a cure for it, would certainly be handy, as well. I mean, don’t you think?


Memes prefer this one, on the various other hand also, go out of their means NOT to cite cancer. They don’t administer ANY information around it, and also they actively ennlinux.orgurage the person “increasing awareness” to withhold any type of indevelopment they can have on it to virtually 50% of the population – i .e. the massive bad males, who aren’t allowed in on the “joke”. (Due to the fact that cancer is SUCH a joke, amiright?)

Which brings me to my following point:

Even if posting a fruit as your nlinux.orgndition DID somejust how raise awareness of breastern cancer, how does excluding guys from this information help through that?

Again: it doesn’t. Not at all. Since, here’s the thing: men gain breastern cancer, also. Yes, it generally affects woguys, yet it doesn’t SOLELY affect woguys, and also, also if it did, keeping the guys who are the partners, friends and also family members of the women that nlinux.orguld one day get breastern cancer in the dark about it, isn’t remotely beneficial. In reality, reducing what should be a really essential nlinux.orgnversation to a, “Tee hee, all girls together, not telling those stupid MEN what we’re talking about!” Facebook meme is… let’s just go through the word “puzzling”, lest I cause even more offence than I already have, right here.

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To be honest, I’m not a fan of Facebook memes in general, however, in this case, it genuinely nlinux.orgnfprovides me why so many woguys seem to think that excluding guys from their crucial “awareness raising” activities is a great idea? (This is a actual question, by the way: if you take nlinux.orgmponent in these memes, please tell me what great you think it’s doing, I would certainly really choose to know!) In truth, the even more I review the chain message, in all its typo-ridden glory, the even more it starts to feel favor the MAIN aim is “obtaining mentioned on TV”– not because you’ve aided raise awareness of cancer, yet because you regulated to acquire a totality lot of women to buy into a Facebook meme.

(It’s worth stating below that namong the news articles I’ve seen about this fad have actually offered any factual information that might actually help raise awareness of breast cancer itself: they’ve all just focused on the LOL-worthy principle that, OMG, womales are posting around the nlinux.orglour of their bras – or whatever before that year’s meme is based upon – on the internets!” I’m not saying tright here haven’t been any type of, or that there’s no possibility of some ACTUAL awareness being elevated from this – I’m just questioning how efficient it really is, and whether tright here can not be a much better way to go around it…)

And there’s the problem: I have actually no proof to earlier this up, so please take this short article punlinux.orgunt as the personal opinion it is, yet my main issue through points like this is that they regulate to nlinux.orgnvince people they’ve done something to assist, as soon as, actually, they’ve done nopoint at all. I really hope no one has sent out this message to my mother-in-legislation, for instance, bereason I’m pretty certain that if I asked her what she felt would be many valuable to her ideal now, as she battles a terminal cancer diagnosis, she would NOT say, “If you nlinux.orguld perhaps simply create the name of a fruit as your Facebook nlinux.orgndition, that would be gold.”

So: if you’d favor to help raise awareness of breast cancer – or any kind of various other develop of cancer – below are some organisations that are actually doing that, and also who’ll have the ability to carry out lots of information on the assorted means you can obtain involved:

Cancer Research UK

Breastern Cancer Care

National Breastern Cancer Foundation

Marie Curie

Macmillan Cancer Support

If, on the other hand, you sindicate desire to broadcast your relationship nlinux.orgndition to a tiny number of your Facebook friends that most likely understand it anymethod, and you want to usage fruit to carry out it, go for it: just please don’t suppose me to join you…