my illustartor file logo is exceptionally excellent but when i export that file in png jpeg it looks like blurry...please have the right to help me

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In addition to my other comment, here"s what a smaller sized export looks choose. As you have the right to check out, the blur becomes also worse.

Update: after posting the image I alert this ptestimonial is displaying larger than it shows up at 100% on my computer. Not certain if it"s upscaling because the picture was also little in dimension, yet it appears this is not giving a precise depiction of the level of blur I"m seeing on my end and also what I"m trying to show.

Regardless, please know that the Adobe reps who have screen-mutual and that I"ve offered screenswarm vs export previews identified the concern and agreed the level of blur is unacceptable. Just waiting for a fix and figured I"d validate what the poster of this bug solve request has mentioned.


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I"ve been taking care of this difficulty for many type of months currently too. Adobe support likes to claim that we shouldn"t suppose raster graphics to appear as crisp as vector, though why am I able to take a screenshot of the vector file on my Mac and the resulting photo looks nice and also crisp?

I"ve had actually to resort to making use of these screenshots for my client"s logo design web files. Though since screenshots do not enable for background transparency, I"m unable to carry out my client"s via transparent webwebsite header png papers (which of course is extremely unprofessional).

It"s ridiculous that this concern proceeds to go ignored. I"ve reported it multiple times and also have spoken via Adobe reps using screenshare and by phone, who each shown the level of blur to be unacceptable.

The level of blur is not "normal" and snapping artjob-related to a grid is not an reliable or acceptable solution. Again, I"m able to accomplish sharp png or jpg files using a screenswarm, so why can"t the world"s optimal style software company accomplish equivalent results?

As you can see by the attached images, the blur is incredibly noticeable on a retina or high meaning screen.. The photo quality of exports becomes also worse in smaller sizes, as the details come to be a complete blur. Yet no matter the size I can attain a crisp raster photo through a screenshot of the vector artwork-related. While screenshots have actually been my workaround, it is not a viable solution considering that I have no regulate over exact centering and also can"t accomplish background transparency with screenshots.

I"ve tried every feasible export establishing and also choice from both and Photoshop (as the 2 Adobe reps shown as they watched my workflow). So while we wait for a solve, what are we supposed to tell our paying clients that intend usable documents for web?

p.s. After posting the imperiods listed below I notification the screenshot looks a little more blurry than on my screen, so I assume this forum downqualities top quality some. Because I wasn"t able to include a 3rd smaller sized picture after posting, I included a smaller sized pevaluation in a sepaprice comment, reflecting how the level of blur becomes worse in tiny dimension.