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We’ve had actually avocaexecute trees for numerous years, and also while they’ve fruited well, tright here were times as soon as the leaves drooped. After a quick Google search, I witnessed this was a relatively constant event with avocacarry out trees (both indoor and outdoor). So, I did some even more study to find out even more. Here’s what I discovered will certainly help avocaperform trees with droopy leaves.

The primary reason why avocaperform trees gain drooping leaves is because of under-watering, however over-watering have the right to additionally cause it. First, check the soil’s moisture by pushing a finger 2-4 inches into the soil. If it’s dry, water it and also take into consideration making use of mulch. If it’s sopping wet, hold off on watering and also let it dry slightly.

So, while under-watering is the major reason of drooping and also wilting leaves on avocacarry out trees, what can be done to solve this, and exactly how have the right to we examine for the other potential causes? Let’s take a closer look.

Pro-tip: Summer planting is still possible! Plant veggies such as carrots, broccoli, peas, spinach, and also lettuce. Use raised beds as they save room, have actually fewer weeds, and also boost soil drainage. You deserve to examine out the the majority of well-known raised beds here on Amazon.



If your avocacarry out leaves are drooping or wilting, and the soil is pretty a lot bone dry, then under-watering is most most likely the cause.

Luckily, this fix is sensibly easy. Ssuggest rise the amount you water and also make certain the soil gets effectively soaked throughout. To be safe, I’d indicate observing the drainage of the soil after watering it and also making sure it doesn’t remain wet for more than 24-48 hours. If so, then you’ll likely have to change the soil and rise the drainage.

If the soil remained in reality dry, adding 1-2 inches of both comshort article and also mulch will considerably increase the water retention of the soil, so you can water it less regularly. This is bereason the comwrite-up improves the richness of the soil (and provides nutrients), while the mulch considerably reduces evaporation.

Sindicate include the comarticle and mulch on optimal of the soil, keeping it at least 3 inches ameans from the tree’s trunk to prevent mold. Some good mulches for avocacarry out trees are leaves, bark, straw, and pine needles.

A moisture meter have the right to likewise prove useful to check out if the soil is as well dry. This is particularly valuable for deeper pots so you don’t need to dig right into the soil to tell just how wet it is.

On a related note to composting, it have the right to be hard to figure out which nutrients are great for youravocaexecute tree. However, I recently did some research study and also trial and error on some of the best fertilizers out there. To watch whichavocacarry out tree fertilizers I recommfinish, inspect out my current article where I reviewedthe best avocaexecute tree fertilizers.


As mentioned, the greatest reason that avocaperform trees get drooping leaves is due to over-watering. The bad news is it’s simple to over-water avocaperform trees. The good news is you can conveniently resolve it.

When an avocado tree is over-watered, the roots don’t have actually the aeration they need, and root rot (a form of fungus) starts to build. Avocaperform trees choose loose, loamy soil via a pH of 5-7. If the soil isn’t loose, then it’s likely not draining well and the plant is gaining over-watered.

Adding also many soil amendments such as peat moss or coffee grounds can reason issues via drainage, and also therefore—over-watering.

So, over-watering doesn’t simply happen from watering as well much, but additionally from the pot or soil not having sufficient drainage. As such, it’s ideal to examine the drainage initially, before changing its watering schedule and also amount.

How To Check if the Tree Is Over-Watered

First, attempt smelling the soil. It should smell clean and earthy. If it smells swampy, root rot has actually most likely began.Using a finger, inspect the first 2-4 inches of soil for wetness (you can also use a moisture meter)(For potted trees) Push a finger into among the drainage holes on the bottom and check out if it’s sopping wet

How To Fix Over-Watered Avocado Trees

If you’ve tried the over, and think your avocaexecute tree has actually in reality been over-watered, tright here are some means you deserve to solve it:

If the soil is still holding water, inspect to check out if the soil is collapsed or flatIf so, the tree will must be repottedIf the soil has actually dried out efficiently, water when eexceptionally 1-2 weeks

Once the soil has been dried out, and the roots deserve to breathe aobtain, lower the frequency you water to once eextremely 1-2 weeks. Because this can differ relying on a number of components such as soil form, drainage, and also climate, it’s finest to use a finger to test the soil every now and also then.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then take into consideration obtaining a moisture meter. They’re fairly inexpensive and also deserve to also inspect the pH and light levels. If you’d favor to check out which moisture meter I recommfinish, you have the right to check out my recommended devices page.

Transplant Shock

If you’ve newly planted or repotted your avocado tree, and also its leaves are drooping, it’s the majority of most likely experiencing from transplant shock.

Don’t concern, this is a normal event as soon as transplanting and the tree ssuggest needs some time and also care to recoup (simply be careful not to over-water in the time of this time).

Transplant shock occurs once a plant is stressed bereason it was rerelocated from its normal atmosphere. The roots take time to obtain reacquainted with the new soil, which deserve to take a lot of energy from the plant. Once a brand-new root system is establimelted, the tree have to make a recovery.

Moving or transplanting avocacarry out trees generally is done in one of three scenarios:

Transferring a sapling from a cas much as a potRepotting the tree to a bigger potMoving mature, planted avocaperform trees

Transplant shock is hard to protect against, however if you have the right to uncover means to make any kind of of the 3 over scenarios go smoother for avocaperform trees, they deserve to have little to no transplant shock, and also their growth won’t be impacted.

For example, while sprouting avocaperform seeds in water is a popular practice, it’s actually not the finest approach.

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In the video listed below, TheKiwiGrower tests the two major means to flourish avocaexecute from seed (soil vs water) and also determines which one works ideal.

Spoiler: it transforms out that planting the seed in the soil grows sreduced at first, however quickly speeds previous the growth of the seeds grown in water. This is because the water-grown seeds necessary to be transplanted, while the soil-grown seeds don’t. The procedure of transplanting stunts the water-grvery own seed’s development a little.