Why Lightsaber Blades Look So Different In Star Wars Rebels There"s a reason the lightsaber blades are thinner in Rebels, and also it goes all the method ago to before the initially Star Wars film was also made.

Kanan Jarrus and also Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels
While Star Wars Rebels shares the majority of DNA via Clone Wars, the sequel series varies in its visual style – perhaps most notably in the appearance of the lightsabers. The thinner, sleeker, more fencing-style knives of Rebels are among many distinctions between Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars, yet they are additionally one of the a lot of noticeable. So why do the lightsabers look so a lot various than anywhere else in Star Wars?

Although many type of composed off Star Wars Rebels beforehand for Disney’s even more young-kid-friendly technique, the show’s imaginative direction – both aesthetic and also otherwise – was taken fairly seriously by the production team, and a lot of that team came directly from the then-cancelled Clone Wars. While many fan-favorite personalities favor Ahsoka, Rex, and Darth Maul all rerevolve in Rebels, the sequel’s narrative focus is various, centering on a a lot smaller team of core personalities and - for the a lot of part - a single planet’s conflict through the Empire. To make the new series stand also out against other Star Wars content, and also to heighten this tight narrative focus, the creators of Rebels went ago to the original Star Wars illustration board - especially, the drawing board of George Lucas’ crucial concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

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McQuarrie set the tone for many of Star Wars’ many iconic visual elements, from Darth Vader’s helmet, to C-3PO and also R2-D2. He likewise attracted beforehand imaginings of the Jedi’s tradenote weapon, albeit via a much thinner blade than ended up in the films. Sound familiar? That’s bereason the Star Wars: Rebels team offered McQuarrie’s original designs as the structure for the show’s unique aesthetic. And that impetus included a various take on the lightsaber knives, as you can see in the famed McQuarrie picture below.

Luke Skywalker and also Darth Vader in Star Wars principle art by Ralph McQuarrie
Eventually, the Star Wars films took on a thicker look for the lightsabers. The lightsaber combat style of the initially film is likewise much more reminiscent of a fencing match than the fast, acrobatic battles that came later on. While the lightsaber has actually always been the symbol of the franchise, it"s likewise always been subject to adjust via the years.

While the lightsabers are possibly the most recognizable influence of McQuarrie’s art, they are much from the just circumstances of his job-related in Star Wars Rebels. The entire earth of Lothal is largely inspired by the artist’s unique futuristic landscapes. The Capital City in specific pulls straight from McQuarrie’s work-related, from the domed structures to the tall white towers. Then there"s Zeb, that is based on early on principles of what Chewbacca can look favor. The show’s opening episodes even have an homage to Zeb’s beginnings, in a scene wright here the crew of the Ghost tries to pass him off as a Wookie. Similarly, the astromech droid Chopper was based on McQuarrie’s early on vision for R2-D2 that had actually even more appendperiods.

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Not every one of the McQuarrie-motivated bits of Star Wars Rebels were universally well-obtained, and also the lightsaber designs have actually been specifically polarizing among fans. Some appreciate the nod to the franchise’s visual beginnings, while others think that the well known artist’s aesthetic didn’t deliver well right into 3D animation. Regardless, the unifying style approach of reinterpreting McQuarrie’s occupational provided Star Wars Rebels a unique style and aided set it acomponent both visually and also thematically.