15 Great Cartoons Canceled For Awful Reasons Fans hate once a collection is canceled without warning, and also they hate it even more as soon as their favorite cartoons are axed for no excellent reason.

Animation is a tricky company, it"s expensive and requires a lot of difficult financial national politics to acquire made. Because animation is so expensive, animated reflects, no issue how renowned or loved, tend to get the axe even more often than live-action reflects. The budobtain is simply as well much of a gamble and also points like low toy sales or low ratings have the right to reason an animated series to gain tossed out the home window after just a seachild. Sometimes, these series acquire lucky and also fan assistance garners an additional seachild, however this is not usually the case.

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Cartoons are an under-appreciated genre of TV, and the prices involved in animation make it difficult to push the tool forward, at least once it concerns TV shows. Some of the ideal cartoons in the previous were canceled, despite having actually amazing stories and stellar animation, and also generally for no great factor. Of course, some of the reasons for these impressive series" cancellations are just component of the cartoon business, and part of the entertainment service in general. That shelp, occasionally logic isn"t sufficient to quell fan uproar as soon as a series is canceled.

Here are 15 Great Cartoons Canceled For Stupid Reasons.

Wolverine and the X-Men is kind of a stselection series. It was created by and Indian computer animation company called Toonz Entertainment, was dispersed by Disney (prior to they bought Marvel) and initially aired on Nicktoons - not Nickelodeon. From the start, it appears prefer this Marvel animated series was doomed to just have one season, which was unfortunate bereason the display was wondertotally composed and had excellent character deindicators.

Wolverine and also the X-Men had actually a mysterious and also dark story that unfolded in a smart and amazing means and left an insane cliffhanger for a second seaboy that never before happened. But why didn"t it happen? Because of all the stvariety networks and hoops the display went via to acquire made, securing the finances for a 2nd seakid was next to impossible, and also this masteritem of a show was cut brief prior to it could truly take off.


In the previous, Bruce Timm had actually no problem obtaining DC animated TV series to last even more than one seachild, however with Green Lantern: The Animated Series, things were different. This was his first foray right into 3D computer animation, though it maintained his signature art style, and the present was pelevated for its emotionally mature composing and themes. However before, it was canceled after the initially seakid for a few lackluster reasons.

The best reason was that the display was expensive to make, the 3D computer animation would depend on toy sales to keep going. However before, the display came out appropriate around the moment of the disappointing live-action Environment-friendly Lantern film, and also bereason of the film"s faiattract, toy sales for the character went dvery own, properly digging the grave of the animated series. Ironic, since the display was much more well-written and also executed than the film, yet it suffered for its failure.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie freshly aired, finally bringing the story of Arnold"s parental fees to a close and also providing a proper ending to the series. However before, before this taken place, fans of Hey Arnold! had actually to wait over ten years for this revival after the show"s original cancellation. Though it had a run of five periods and a function film, Hey Arnold! was canceled before the story might complete.

What"s worse is the reality that the reason"s for the series" cancellation is incredibly petty. While Hey Arnold! was still in production, creator Craig Bartlett was emerging a pilot for Cartoon Netoccupational dubbed Party Wagon. The series didn"t pan out, and bereason Bartlett refused to sign an exclusive contract through Nick so he could develop Party Wagon, Nick canceled Hey Arnold! and scrapped the original plans for The Jungle Movie.


Young Justice is one of the few cases of a cancelled cartoon gaining a resurgence with fan support, as the show is acquiring a 3rd seakid coming to DC"s exclusive streaming company. However before, prior to this interesting news, fans of the superhero cartoon were disappointed and also outraged at the series" initial cancellation. People loved this dark reimagining of the sidekicks of the DC universe, so why did it acquire canceled?

Part of it hregarding carry out via the sudden shift in animation that was happening at the moment, where severe cartoons were being pushed out in favor of wacky comedy-actions. Toy sales also had to do via it, something that has actually doomed many cartoons. Due to the fact that also many type of girls were watching the show and also apparently boys were more most likely to buy the toys, Mattell, which aided produce the series, eliminated Young Justice.

Kim Possible "ended" earlier in 2005 following the TV film, So The Drama, but after huge fan assistance in what might have been the internet"s first rally for a TV series revival, Disney Channel ordered a fourth and also final seakid. The display controlled to acquire a satisfying ending, but the factor for its initial cancellation was sort of starray.

Apparently, Disney had actually been recognized to stick to a "65 episode" dominion once it came to tv, a preeminence that was established in the late "90s. Therefore, most Disney Channel TV series hardly ever exceeded three seasons, and Kim Possible was slated to follow this route. This is a stselection dominance to think around since it suggests that the fate of all Disney Channel mirrors were (and also probably still are) preidentified.


The original Teen Titans series was smart, funny, action-packed, dramatic, and also dark in all the best places. After the show"s cancellation and TV movie, fans tried to acquire a resurgence, but to no avail. This disappointment was made worse by the popularity and perpetuation of the oft-lauded comedy reboot, Teen Titans Go!.

So, what was the reason for show"s cancellation? You guessed it: playthings. By the moment the last seakid had actually aired, Cartoon Network-related had actually gone into into an exclusive toy licensing deal with Mattel, however the Teen Titans playthings were component of a Bandai deal. As such, Mattel lobbied to kill the present so that all mirrors on CN were component of their licensing deal. Teen Titans Go!, meanwhile, is directed at a a lot younger audience.

Invader Zim is possibly one of the a lot of beloved cult cartoon series ever to be made. The present was bizarre and also random and also hilarious and had actually a huge adhering to with an older audience, so what obtained it axed? Well, the show was expensive and this, unified with low ratings, brought about its cancellation. However before, these low ratings were partly the result of the show not being targeted towards the right audience.

The youngsters that loved SpongeBob were not fans of Zim, and also since SpongeBob was Nick"s flagship display, Invader Zim was canceled. This came to be tragically ironic, since the industry for cartoons that appearesulted in older audiences was just a couple of years amethod via reflects prefer Adundertaking Time and Regular Show.

Perhaps this is why Nick is giving Invader Zim another chance as a TV movie renewal, considering that its worth was made clear by the cult following it garnered after cancellation.


Tbelow are fairly a couple of comic book superhero cartoons that were canceled as well soon despite being critically praised. Perhaps the a lot of noteworthy of them all is The Spectacular Spider-Man. It was unfavor any kind of superhero cartoon of its time, via distinct character designs (done by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway) and also long-building story arcs that adapted some of the ideal comic storylines. The Spectacular Spider-Man wasn"t afrassist to put its own spin on points.

The Spectacular Spider-Man went on for two periods and a third was planned, but the show was eventually canceled for some disappointing reasons. When Disney was obtaining Marvel, the deal resulted in some worries about animated adaptations of Spider-Man. Though film civil liberties to the character belonged to Sony, Disney"s buyout of Marvel resulted in the firm obtaining tv rights to Spider-Man, resulting in the Sony-created series to be canceled.

Finances play a huge part in computer animation, as we"ve established via the previous entries, and Danny Phantom"s high budget in later on seasons would ultimately cause its downloss. Butch Hartman"s second Nickelodeon series followed the titular Danny Phantom, a superhero via ghostly power as he tried to balance institution life, being a teenager, and fighting the ghostly villains that haunted his town.

Danny Phantom could not have actually been the most renowned Nicktoon of all time and the quality decreased in the last seachild, but it still regulated to breathe brand-new life into the tropes of teenage superhero stories, giving everything its own touch. Unfortunately, the show"s budgain inevitably ended up being as well much for Nickelodeon to take care of, and after Hartman uneffectively tried to gain an additional network to pick it up, the last of Danny Phantom"s budgain was offered to make a TV movie finale.


Samurai Jack is possibly among the a lot of beloved activity carloads of all time. Genndy Tartakovsky"s masteritem was artful, action-packed, smart, and also different from anypoint else on TV. The series" story went unfiniburned for over ten years after its initial cancellation before receiving a final fifth seachild on Adult Swim. But, the question is, what caused such an exceptional series to be canceled in the first place?

Tright here are a multiple factors - everything from poor toy sales (of course) to high animation costs - yet the main reason continues to be unclear to this particular day. What we perform recognize is why the story was left open-ended. Genndy Tartakovskies didn"t recognize just how to end the series at the time of the fourth season"s production and he didn"t recognize if a fifth season was going to take place. Instead of rushing points, he made the final episode just prefer any type of other.

Mission Hill had all the aspects to be a modern, younger variation of The Simpsons. It adhered to Andy French, an aspiring cartoonist in the hipster metropolis of Mission Hill, as he tries to make ends fulfill at his dead-finish project. All the while, his younger brvarious other is required to live with him while he finishes high school. Mission Hill was funny, smart, and also featured a varied actors of personalities from all walks of life, bringing together brilliant creating through an animation style that linked old-institution zaniness and contemporary cartooning.

Yet, the present was canceled, mostly because of Warner Bros." meddling, according to the creators. The initially 2 episodes aired and garnered poor ratings, prompting WB to pull the display before it can obtain the complying with it eventually built up. The rest of the episodes inevitably aired on various other netfunctions, yet by then, it was as well late.


Action cartoons these days are few and also much in between, and those that still exist are even more comedy-oriented, like Teen Titans Go! But, there was actually a time once there was as well many activity reflects, to the point that Cartoon Network had actually to pick and choose which would certainly continue. Megas XLR was among the many kind of activity mirrors that aired on Cartoon Netoccupational in the early on 2000s and also followed the adendeavors of two slackers who found a huge robot from the future.

The present was beloved for how it satirized mecha anime tropes while still being amazing and action-packed. Yet, it was canceled after just 2 seasons. This is bereason of the abovementioned fact that Cartoon Network had actually as well many type of activity mirrors going on at when, and also with the changing tide at the moment, one had actually to be axed. Megas was preferred because it had actually the lowest ratings.

Nickelodeon"s background via action cartoons, also comedic ones, is shaky at ideal. Avatar: The Last Airbender had to fight to continue to be on the netoccupational, as did Legfinish of Korra, and shows like Danny Phantom and My Life as a Teenage Robot were canceled after fairly brief runs. For two seasons, My Life As a Teenage Robot was a good tribute to anime and superhero comics, but the ratings were too low to garner a third season.

The sad component around this was that not only did the present get somewhat of a cult complying with after cancellation, however Nickelodeon loved it. The show"s crew also said as much; that Nick executives were significant fans of My Life as a Teenage Robot, however because of low ratings, they couldn"t rationally order even more episodes.


Anvarious other serious activity cartoon that fell victim to the prospering popularity of short-form comedy cartoons was MotorCity. The Disney XD show adhered to muscle-car-driving freedom fighters dubbed the Burners as they defended the remains of old Detroit from the forces of a dystopian leader. The display was beauticompletely animated in flash, and had exciting stories, lovable characters, and also stellar art direction.

Unfortunately, MotorCity was canceled after its initially season, leaving fans disappointed and wanting even more. The occasions that bring about the show"s cancellation were the outcome of Disney"s bad managing of the series. The display had actually a specialized fan adhering to from the begin, however after various time slot transforms, multiple hiatsupplies, out-of-order airing, and leaked episodes (due to airing distinctions in different countries) fans began to drop off. This dip in the ratings was substantial sufficient for Disney to cancel the series.

Nickelodeon"s The Angry Beavers was as bizarre as it was beloved. Though it is among the lesser remembered Nicktoons, plenty of "90s children looks ago fondly on the misadendeavors of Norbert and also Daggett. The factor for the show"s cancellation is actually pretty - as the beavers would put it - kooky. See, Nick used to have a pretty severe ascendancy about its cartoons not breaking the fourth wall and also informing the kids watching that the personalities aren"t genuine.

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Angry Beavers did precisely that, as they constantly puburned borders via the show. There was an episode dubbed "Bye-Bye Beavers" wbelow Norb and Dag realize they"re cartoons and poke fun at Nickelodeon for making money off reruns without paying the creator and make other fourth-wall-breaking jabs. Because of this proposed episode, the series was canceled nearly immediately.