Outdoor kitchens are renowned appropriate now and also it’s not difficult to see why. We’ve adopted food culture more than most likely any other time in America’s history, we have unmatched technology to make our outdoor spaces as welcoming and also comfortable as our indoor spaces, and also many importantly, food cooked outdoors simply tastes much better. Mark my words, 400 years therefore researchers will certainly discover that cooking al fresco causes changes at the molecular level. A integrated grill deserve to make it easier, buuuuut….

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That doesn’t change one important problem via outdoor kitchens: the expense. Eextremely drawer and eincredibly appliance you add rises the dimension of your outdoor kitchen, which deserve to then intend even more structure, stone or tile veneer, and also counterpeak product. Here are just a few of the items you may desire as part of an outdoor kitchen and their cost.


Given that, one area wbelow civilization attempt to save money is the grill. After all, they’re perfectly happy with their Weber or Char-Broil or whatever before. Can’t they just usage that?

Can I take the legs off my existing grill and also usage it choose a integrated grill?

The answer, in almost all situations, is no. With your higher-finish grills the manufacturer might sell a cart that also fits your grill head, yet a lot of box store/customer models aren’t constructed that method. Even if you might remove the legs without sacrificing the strength and also integrity of your grill it might not be developed appropriately for actually inserting it into an enclosure. You’re talking around a gas appliance. Unmuch less the manufacturer recommends that kind of convariation, I wouldn’t execute it.

Can I develop an alcove in my outdoor kitchen to fit my grill?

Yes, you can, and I have done this for clients. You’ll want to make certain of a few things first:

if your built-in grill has folding sides to act as a job-related surface you’ll most likely want to remove them. Leaving them on, also folded down, reasons some big unsightly gaps in between the grill and the surround.that sassist, check your hand-operated to watch what the recommfinished clearances are around the built-in grill. Even if you’re building it into a non-combustible structure like stone and also block, you might have airflow needs so the grill works successfully.If you’re doing rock veneer, wheel the grill in AFTER the veneer is up. I’ve known people who veneered about the grill and finished up sealing it in.

You should likewise think ahead to the following grill you think you’ll want and also architecture the cutout appropriately. Many customer grills in that sub-$1,000 price selection just last so long. You won’t desire to have to recarry out a bunch of masonry as soon as it comes time to upgrade!

Can structure about my grill look good?

What execute you think?


The client just wasn’t interested in spending $2-3,000 on a brand-new grill yet he wanted a fun, useful, and also gorgeous outdoor kitchen. I think we delivered and kept him on budgain.

Looking for an outdoor kitchen that looks great AND functions through your budget? Give me a speak to and let’s start the process. And in the meantime, don’t forgain Hank Hill’s advice!


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April 19, 2019 at 11:16 pm

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January 7, 2020 at 12:42 pm

Hello, We are in the procedure of building an outdoor kitchen. One question I haven’t been able to answer is, can a typical keep bought, complimentary standing grill be constructed right into the outdoor kitchen? I have looked into adding steel studs to support the weight but am I missing somepoint as to how a totally free standing grill is designed compared to that of one which is advertised as a “integrated grill”. The price considerably different from a typical complimentary standing grill at around $400-$500 whereas a integrated grill start at $1,500-$3,000. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve taken into consideration making use of an insulated jacket about the grill is tright here are concerns with the warmth regulate.

Another question would be, execute you have actually any kind of indevelopment regarding the building code wbelow a built-grill is installed underneath a gazebo? I understand the clearances are essential however are tright here means to navigate this?

JD Hensley says

June 15, 2020 at 7:50 pm

I’m trying to develop an outdoor food preparation area. My location is covered and also I’m using a 12 ft space across the back and also I thought about coming up on both sides around 8 or 10 ft. One side being a bar then throughout the earlier and also up the various other side I want a 36” Blackstone and a 28” Blackstone, a 24” Kamado, a 30” grill, 2 side burners and a sink. I’m trying to use lumber wbelow I have the right to. Could I just put cement board and also tile dvery own under the grill spaces and usage timber anywhere else?

Hi, if we are building a BBQ surround for our existing BBQ perform we call for a jacket prefer built in BBQs do? I deserve to not discover the information almost everywhere. We are utilizing lumber through a stone top. Thank you

I’m structure a masonry/ flagrock outdoor BBQ through sink, I arrangement on cost-free standing grill , can I sepaprice the side burner and also install it sepaprice in the counter.

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Ok so I’m new to this site… and also I’m certain tbelow will be human being that disagree via me… and also honestly… that’s fine…. disagree all you desire. I am a steelworker and also in the design field… and also deserve to honestly tell you that through the correct planning, correct security roughly the grill… and also probably some fabrication you can rotate nearly any stand up grill into a constructed in.Now does the manufacturer reccomfinish this? No.Can u simply plop a grill right into a 2×4 framework, put up rock veneer and go….? NO!

You have the right to yet take the actual grill parts (basically the tub where the burner tubes are, hood (everything however the framework that it stands on) and also install that. (Please check out better for what I did and also will be doing… I have the right to not tell you exactly how to perform yours… however I deserve to tell you what I did)

So…I am building a brand-new outdoor kitchen and also entertainment area…and also wanted a constructed in grill…yet they are EXPENSIVE… so instead I did some research and also thinking…I purchased a monument bramd 6 burner lp grill and also will be installing that right into a countertop.What I did (and also will certainly do) is meacertain whatever and build a frame out of wood for the counteroptimal and also leave a gap about the grill so that tright here is additional room about the bottom of the grill and also the sides. I then lined the 2x4s with a cement board (hardibacker from lowes) and also THEN I set up 1 inch fire brick to collection the grill onto. (Fire brick likewise surrounds the grill reduced out for security. I deserve to (if needed) drill holes in the fire brick to allow airflow right into the grill if needed…and if I need any kind of added bracing and or support for the grill because it is not on the cart… I deserve to fabricate a stand (or anchor points and bracing) out of steel if needed. I have actually plans to buy and also install developed in counterheight burners…and also might also usage the burner that came with the grill. In doing that, you deserve to create a second reduced out and also line through firebrick and cement board for fire proofing for that burner.

If that is all done appropriately, then once I build the actual counter optimal (out of poured cement) the coumterheight will certainly be about level amd equal through the grill grates as soon as open up. You shouldn’t watch any type of of the fire brick, or any kind of of the structure. (This Fire brick I have actually is good for 1000’s of degrees and also supplied in high warmth applications) this grill will never before get THAT warm..and also have to last basically forever before in concept.

I will then tie all of the burners, grill and a 36″ flat top grill that we are installing additionally into one gas line and also go from there. With the correct fittings and regulator this have the right to all be done off of one connection. If I discover that the propane tank gets to be to cold and drops in press, I can sepaprice the level height onto its very own bottle to consist of for that.

I hope this helps someone… and also aacquire, I can’t amd won’t tell you what to carry out (I won’t be hosted responsible for something prefer that) however I have the right to tell you this is what I have actually done currently and also will certainly be finishing up quickly.