Which tissue form is composed of a sheet of cells that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity?nervous tissueepithelial tissuemuscle tissueconnective tissue
Epithelial tproblem is a sheet of cells that covers a body surconfront or lines a body cavity (epithe = lassist on, covering). In addition to coverings and linings, epithelial cells deserve to likewise develop glands, dubbed glandular epithelium.

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What tissue kind has polarity and also is avascular?What tproblem type has polarity and is avascular?muscleepitheliumnervous tissueconnective tissue
Epithelia have actually polarity, which is to say that tbelow is directionality. Tright here is constantly an exposed surface and also an attached surface. Epithelia are additionally avascular.
Which is the many atypical connective tworry since it does NOT act as a binding or packaging product under normal conditions or administer structural support? Which is the the majority of atypical connective tissue because it does NOT act as a binding or packaging product under normal conditions or carry out structural support? cartilage osseous areolar connective tissue blood
Blood, the liquid connective tissue (CT) within blood vessels, is the a lot of atypical CT. It does not act as a binding or packing material; it does not carry out structural assistance. It is classified as a CT just bereason it establishes from mesenchyme and also is composed of cells (blood cells) surrounded by an extracellular fluid matrix (blood plasma).
Why are adipose tproblem, blood, and bone all considered to be connective tissues?Why are adipose tworry, blood, and also bone all considered to be connective tissues?They connect to each various other.They all have collagen and also elastic fibers in their extracellular matrix.They have actually a common origin: mesenchyme.They have actually the very same kinds of cells.
Adipose tconcern, bone, and also blood (prefer all connective tissues) are acquired from mesenchyme, an embryonic tproblem. Also widespread to all connective tconcerns is the presence of cells and an extracellular matrix that consists of fibers bathed in ground substance.They have actually a widespread origin: mesenchyme.

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A many-layered epithelium with cuboidal basal cells and also flat cells at its surchallenge would certainly be classified as ________.A many-layered epithelium through cuboidal basal cells and flat cells at its surface would be classified as ________.transitionalstratified squamousbasic cuboidaleasy squamous
Pseudostratified epithelia are well adjusted to the digestive system bereason the cilia increase the surface location for absorption.Pseudostratified epithelia are well adapted to the digestive device because the cilia rise the surconfront location for absorption.TrueFalse
falsePseudostratified epithelia are discovered in the respiratory linings. Cilia are offered for movement, not raising surface location.
What are the 3 primary components of connective tissue?What are the three main components of connective tissue?collagen, elastin, and reticular fibersalveoli, fibrous capsule, and also secretory cellsground substance, fibers, and cellsfibroblasts, chondroblasts, and osteoblasts
The primary blast cell for connective tconcern proper is the ________.The main blast cell for connective tproblem appropriate is the ________.chondroblastfibroblastosteoblasthemocytoblast
Which statement ideal defines connective tissue?Which statement ideal describes connective tissue?commonly arranged in a single layer of cellscommonly consists of a large amount of matrixmostly involved via secretiontypically lines a body cavity
Elastic connective tconcern is uncovered in the walls of the big arteries that leave the heart.Elastic connective tproblem is uncovered in the walls of the big arteries that leave the heart.TrueFalse
Tendons and also ligaments are created greatly of dense ircontinuous connective tissue.Tendons and ligaments are written mostly of dense irregular connective tworry.TrueFalse
Connective tproblem extracellular matrix is written of ________.Connective tissue extracellular matrix is composed of ________.fibers and ground substanceground substance and cellsall organic compoundscells and fibers
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