Pretty Little Liars: One Quote From Each Key Character That Goes Against Their Personality The characters in Pretty Little Liars are complicated, so it"s no surprise that some things they say do not enhance their typical individualities.

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Pretty Little Liars boasts a list of arguably the most facility character personalities on TV. There"s no doubt that PLL fans were preserved on their toes throughout the series" seven periods, and that"s largely bereason the arcs of its assorted personalities adjusted constantly.

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Even though it was difficult to store up via who was playing for what team, the characters still had certain traits that defined them. Given their intricacy, though, it’s no surpclimb that tbelow were moments once the characters completely flipped on themselves and what was expected from them.

Ashley Marin was constantly an independent mom, and also this was not surprising considering she was left to raise Hanna on her very own. Hanna was always her priority and she did whatever before she might to put her initially.

Ashley did many kind of risky points in her life prefer stealing money from the bank and also resting with Detective Wilden to sheight him from pressing shoplifting charges against Hanna. The previous year’s events were never before displayed to have actually a major effect on Ashley, so it never before appeared favor she was afraid.

Caleb Rivers

"What"s Wrong With Cancun? Don"t Knock It Until You"ve Been Tright here."

Introduced later on in seaboy 1, Caleb Rivers began as the brooding bad boy that was exceptionally lhelp earlier. He was the perkid the girls turned to once they had actually a technical problem, favor decrypting A’s phone.

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Caleb was constantly exceptionally protective of Hanna and also as the seasons developed, his character constantly had actually a serious tone. He wasn’t one to crack jokes often so this line of sarcasm that came after Spencer described Hanna being drunk in Cancun wasn’t somepoint that fans were familiar via.

Toby Cavanaugh

"You And Your Posse Deserve A Lot Worse."

Everyone believing that Toby was the perboy that was involved in Ali’s disappearance lasted no much longer than a couple of episodes. He had actually a gentle nature and always put the civilization he loved first which was shown beforehand.

Although Ali made his life a misery, Toby never resorted to threatening or hurting her. When Ali checked out him in juvy, he said he thought that they all deserve a lot even more than a couple of threatening notes. Even though he didn’t recognize the girls at the time, Toby never would’ve wanted any type of physical damage to pertained to any kind of of them.

Ezra Fitz was the caring teacher at Roselumber High who had actually nopoint but love for Aria, also if it wasn’t a straightforward route to acquire him tright here. Even though teaching gave him so a lot joy, his true passion was later on revearesulted in be composing.

The biggest plot twist of seaboy 4 was when Ezra was thneed to be a part of the A Team. It was later on revealed that he wasn’t but was creating a book around Aliboy. Regardless of this, Ezra was never thmust be a devious or manipulative character, so this didn’t fit in through his character’s innocent nature.

Mona Vanderwaal

"I"m Not The One Calling The Shots."

Starting as Hanna’s harmmuch less friend to finishing up in Radley, Mona went with eextremely feasible personality she could uncover. Her character adjusted from seachild to seakid and it was practically difficult to recognize what side she was playing for. One thing that is for specific was that she was typically constantly in control.

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Mona invested the initially 2 seasons tormenting the girls and also even after she was revealed as A and went with some kind of redemption, she still commonly had an ulterior motive. Hearing her openly say that she wasn’t the one calling the shots was much from believable.

Alikid DiLaurentis

"I Am Ashamed Of The Way I Treated You."

It’s no dispute that Alichild DiLaurentis was sevecount complex once it concerned her personality traits. In the earlier seasons, it’s arguable that Ali was pure evil, yet, as soon as she returned, it did look choose she’d adjusted.

From bullying civilization to blackmailing her friends, Ali did some truly horrible things in her teenage years. Although her character advancement witnessed most positive changes, it was still tough to understand whether the things she sassist were actual, like as soon as she apologized to Paige for every little thing she did to her in institution.

Hanna Marin is the girl that shelp what everyone was thinking. She had actually the ideal sense of humor and her wit was undeniable. Her personality was often a light as soon as the girls were going via dark times, and even once she was knocked down (literally), she uncovered the strength to get ago up aobtain.

School was never a priority for Hanna favor it was for Spencer, so once Aria asks her if she desires to go and also gain a pedicure, her response couldn’t be further from the Hanna that everyone knows.

Aria Montgomery

"I"m Telling Him Everypoint About Me And Ezra."

As someone who constantly went after what she wanted, Aria Montgomery was incredibly headstrong. Several of the points she had to endure were part of the a lot of relatable Pretty Little Liars storylines, and also she was arguably the the majority of "alternative" girl in the team.

When Aria thought Ezra was on the A Team, she was understandably heartdamaged. She had actually spent the majority of her teenage years trying to protect their partnership, so it came as a shock that she was willing to tell her major something that would certainly have actually had disastrous consequences.

Spencer Hastings

"You Don"t Kcurrently Who I Am Anymore, And You Can"t Count On Me."

Spencer Hastings was the intelligent one of the group and also always had a helpful solution when the girls came head to head via a problem. When the surpincreasing Pretty Little Liars plot twist of Toby helping A was revealed and also Spencer obtained sent to Radley, it came as a shock to everyone.

The 4 girls formed such a bond that meant they knew each various other better than anyone. Spencer was arguably the leader of the team after Ali disappeared, and one point the girls can constantly carry out was count on her.

Arguably the many innocent of the liars, Emily Fields was extremely scheduled when it involved relationships and also she always gave people the advantage of the doubt when no one else would. Coming out was crucial to her character development and was a real turning suggest for her.

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After Maya’s fatality, Emily turned to drink to cope via her grief, somepoint she’d never been with prior to. Her sensitive side was ever-existing within her character, other than a drunk minute in the barn saw this trait go out the home window for a couple of minutes.