Size does not matter: Plus is over at Old Navy as the retailer pledges to BODEQUALITY

Old Navy

Old Navy is promising to revolutionize the Plus size apparel sector with the launch Friday of BODEQUALITY. Beginning on August 20, Old Navy says that it will certainly respecify dimension inclusion for all of its women’s styles, across eincredibly size, via no price distinction.

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Announcing the move, Old Navy said: “As a brand also committed to the democracy of style, Old Navy will be the initially value retailer to offer sizes 0-30 and also XS-4X for all women’s formats at price parity.With this launch, the brand is reimagining the shopping setting in all stores and also virtual to be more size inclusive, giving women anywhere the fashion and endure that they deserve.”

The relocate is the latest within the fashion world to increase the approach to body photo, and Gap Inc. GPS owned Old Navy will launch an included marketing project to present BODEQUALITY, through a brand-new TV spot starring Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live and SHRILL actress and also comedian Aidy Bryant alongside a varied team of womales dancing to I Am 100% by Jarina De Marco. Tright here will certainly be content extensions on Instagram and TikTok.

An out-of-house campaign will incorporate cshed to 500 placements in New York and also Los Angeles with static and also digital bulletins, on LinkNYC displays, in New York submeans, and also on digital billboards consisting of at Times Square.

An open letter from the brand also to “woguys everywhere” announcing the inclusive and included shopping endure will certainly be featured on the Old Navy homeweb page, social channels and in digital ads.

Old Navy Revamps Stores, Trains Staff

As component of the initiative Old Navy is transforming its estate of over 1,200 stores and also digital shops and eincredibly store will certainly sell all women’s styles in sizes 0-28 merchandised together, with no unique sections. Stores will certainly likewise offer new inclusive visual cues for shoppers, including mannequins in sizes four, 12 and 18, alongside brand-new BODEQUALITY marketing imagery.


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Old Navy associates have actually additionally been given comprehensive customer-focused training to produce an setting where every shopper feels they belengthy.

Old Navy believes it is the initially mass seller to take a totally inclusive apparel technique.

Old Navy

Online, the brand also is merging its Women’s and also Women’s Plus collections from the navigation food selection to provide one size-integrated shopping destination for sizes 00-30.Women’s layouts will certainly be showcased on models in sizes four, 12 and also 18, and also shoppers deserve to usage a brand-new toggle attribute to choose their desired default model screen size.

“We observed an possibility to meaningtotally change the women’s shopping experience by making it more inclusive regardmuch less of size,” said Nancy Eco-friendly, president and also CEO of Old Navy. “BODEQUALITY is not a one-time campaign, however a full transdevelopment of our business in organization to our customers based on years of working closely through them to study their requirements. I’m proud of the participation throughout our Old Navy teams to evolve the retail experience for womales.”

Extensive Research For New Fits

Old Navy has changed its fit procedure and also dimension criteria after comprehensive research, customer consultations and also design reviews. The agency states it has actually administered body scans of 389 woguys to produce digital avatars based on real women’s bodies, run fit clinics through plenty of models in sizes 20-28 to build new fit blocks, revamping the sector practice of scaling up from smaller sizes, and also partnered via full-time models in size eight and 20 to evaluation eexceptionally single style on both woguys side-by-side.

It has actually also interperceived hundreds of women about body photo and related fashion concerns.

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“Developing BODEQUALITY enabled us to rethink the way we serve woguys in the retail sector," said Aliboy Partridge Stickney, head of women’s and maternity merchandising at Old Navy. “We collection out to understand what womales of all sizes wanted from fashion and also the shopping endure and also were influenced to revolutionize eexceptionally area of our organization - from exactly how we fit and architecture our commodities, to exactly how we connect to customers in stores and also online - to encertain that all womales feel welcome and stood for. This launch is a transdevelopmental moment for our brand also and the fashion sector.”

Old Navy launched its Plus line in 2004 and also in 2018 the brand also debuted dedicated Plus shops in 75 UNITED STATE stores. In 2019 it transdeveloped 30 of these locations into size-included principle stores.


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