Character Chart

Ponyboy Curtis

Ponyboy is the youngest member of the Greaser gang. However, unlike various other Greasers, he appreciates sunsets, likes to watch movies alone, and is intelligent and also brilliant through school work-related. The fourteenager year old, with the occasions in the novel, evaluates his social position and introspects around the sort of life he desires to lead and what changes he could have to make to attain that. He is able to bridge the gap between rivals by forcing others to see his humanity and also by attempting to understand their perspective too.

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Darry Curtis

A hardfunctioning and responsible twenty year old, Darry is the oldest brother. He had to take up the responsibility of bringing up his brothers after their parents’ fatality. As such, he decides to discontinue college and take up a job to support them. He expects a lot from Ponyboy but is unable to communicate his care for him. Thstormy the novel, he begins to understand methods in which he can communicate his feelings to his siblings.

Johnny Cade

Hailing from an abusive family members, Johnny adopts the Greasers as his genuine family members. He is the second youngest in the gang and is a cshed frifinish of Ponyboy. Johnny is courageous and also brave yet, unfortunately, meets an untimely death. This is a driving fact in Ponyboy’s decision to evaluate his life selections and make changes.

Dallas Winston

A toughened Greaser, Dallas grew up on the roadways of New York wbelow he learns to be self-sufficient. On one hand, he is a loyal and compassionate frifinish however, on the various other, he is impulsive and has a criminal background. He is very fond of Johnny, that he really hopes will certainly be able to achieve goals that he was unable to.

Cherry Valance

Cherry is a Soc and also befriends Ponyboy at a very early stage in the novel. She is adventurous and open-minded and also helps Ponyboy watch Socs as people as well. Bob is her boyfrifinish and after his death, she helps in bridging the gap between the 2 gangs. Ponyboy remembers her assertion that both Socs and also Greasers suffer the same sunset.

Sodapop Curtis

Sodapop is the middle Curtis sibling and is handsome and also straightforward going. He is regularly in the middle of the fights between Ponyboy and Darry . He has actually a project at the gas station and is supportive of his family.

Two-Bit Mathews

The eldest in the Greaser gang, Two-Bit is witty and considers Ponyboy as an equal.

Steve Randle

Steve, too, works at the gas station together with Sodapop and is regularly over at the Curtis residence. Ponyboy thinks that Steve regards him as a mere kid.

Bob Sheldon

Bob, Cherry’s boyfriend, is the Socs’ leader and is killed by Johnny as soon as Bob assaults Johnny and also Ponyboy. As the novel progresses, Ponyboy grows to understand also Bob’s background and factors for being a violent troublemaker.

Randy Adderson

Randy is Bob’s ideal friend and was likewise a component of the assault on Ponyboy and also Johnny. After Bob’s death, Randy mirrors on the conditions of the gangs and also attempts to aid Ponyboy in bringing the 2 gangs closer.


A girl in the Greaser gang, Sandy breaks Sodapop’s heart by rejecting his marital relationship proposal and also relocating to Florida to have actually a baby that is not his.

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Jerry Wood

Jerry is an elementary institution teacher who believes in Ponyboy and urges him to see himself in a positive light. He is thankful for Ponyboy’s and also Johnny’s courage in conserving his young students from the church fire.