Ekwefi is Okonkwo"s second wife and also the mom of Ezinma. Once the village beauty, Ekwefi ran ameans from her first husband to live with Okonkwo. Ezinma is her only making it through kid, and also the 2 share a cshed connection. Having shed her initially nine youngsters to death in inelaborate, Ekwefi fears that she will shed Ezinma too.

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The timeline below reflects wbelow the character Ekwefi shows up in Things Fall Apart. The colored dots and also icons suggest which themes are linked through that appearance.



...brings the best wrestling match in between Okonkwo"s village and its neighbors, and Okonkwo"s second wife Ekwefi is most excited by the wrestling. Many years earlier, she had actually been the village beauty,...(complete context)

On the morning of the second day of the festival, Ekwefi and also her just daughter Ezinma talk as she prepares a fowl to eat. Ezinma asks...(full context)
Ezinma brings Okonkwo a bowl of the pottage Ekwefi all set and also waits as he finishes his initially wife"s bowl. Her father is stern through...(full context)
...wins some fame by finishing his match very quickly. During a break in the wrestling, Ekwefi speaks with Chielo, the priestess of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves. Chielo...(complete context)
...Okonkwo dozes. Okonkwo stops resting at night as well. On the third day, he asks Ekwefi to roast plantains for him, and also Ezinma delivers the dish, telling him to end up it,...(complete context)
Okonkwo starts to sleep well aget after three nights, however then Ekwefi wakes him in the morning by banging on his door. She says that Ezinma is...(complete context)
Ekwefi"s nine previous youngsters passed away in inelaborate, and a medicine male shelp that each son was...(complete context)
Okonkwo returns through ingredients, and he and Ekwefi prepare the medication. Once the medication is all set, he pressures Ezinma to sit under a...(full context)
One moonmuch less night, Ezinma and Ekwefi sit in their hut informing stories. Ekwefi tells the story of a clever before tortoise who...(complete context)
...god Agbala desires to see Ezinma in his residence in the hills and also the caves. Ekwefi claims that she will certainly go too, but Chielo curses her and regulates her not to...(full context)
The night is very dark, and Ekwefi has to run to keep up through Chielo. She becomes even more and also more afraid, wondering...(full context)
Ekwefi begins to doubt herself, wondering if she have the right to carry out anypoint if somepoint happens to Ezinma...(complete context)
Okonkwo sits down to wait with Ekwefi, and also she recalls their younger days together, once she ran amethod from her initially husband...(complete context)
...and also youngsters begin to gather to aid the bride"s mommy cook for the whole village. Ekwefi is exhausted from the previous night. Chielo had crawled out of the shrine through Ezinma...(full context)
...cshed, Okonkwo decides to throw a feast for his mother"s kinsguys to present his gratitude. Ekwefi harvests her cassava, and also Okonkwo slaughters 3 goats and a variety of fowl, making for...

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(complete context)
...the most beautiful girls in Mbanta. She is dubbed the Crystal of Beauty, simply as Ekwefi had been dubbed in her youth. She has many type of marriage prospects in Mbanta, however refoffers...(full context)
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