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David, among salso undercover inmates on the fifth seakid of 60 Days In, blew his cover and put the operation at danger earlier this seaboy. He will be faced on the reunion unique, which functions the reality show’s seachild 5 actors and also airs at 9/8c tonight.

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For those that require a refresher, the docu-series 60 Days In follows a team of volunteers who willingly enter into the priboy system for 2 months to aid uncover illegal and controversial activities entailing various other inmates. The volunteers are provided a fictional name and also backstory to save their cover, and also aid uncover illegal substances and also various other forbidden objects correctional officers might have missed while doing searcs.

David was a perfect candidate to go undercover. According to his bio on A&E, he was elevated by his grandmommy as a result of his parents’ dangerous way of life. His father was a drug dealer that spent time in federal prichild, and David inevitably thrived up in a high-crime Midwestern city and also he spent a lot of his time on the roadways. However, he realized he was heading dvery own a dark path and determined to turn his life approximately by joining law enforcement.

“From hustling the roads to patrolling them, David is not your average police officer,” his bio reads. “David plans to use his investigative skills, together with his street savvy, to assist the Sheriff learn exactly how drugs are acquiring in and also out of the facility.”

You have the right to check out even more around David below, courtesy of A&E:

David had actually a stormy begin to life. His parental fees, who involved the U.S. from the slums of Jamaica, were unfit to raise him. His mommy left him in the care of his grandmother once he was simply 3 bereason of her dangerous way of living. His father, a drug dealer, offered time in federal prikid. David prospered up in a high-crime area of a midwestern city and spent a good percent of his time in the roads.

Knowing he could quickly go dvery own the wrong path, David surprised himself and joined legislation enforcement. He quickly learned the positive influence he might have on his struggling area with the task. His past involvement in the highways offers him an edge in navigating cases other officers shy amethod from, and also he considers himself among the toughest males ever before to wear the uniform. David is clear-eyed about the problems plaguing law enforcement, and also wants to readjust the device from the inside out.

The Sheriff has tasked David through the mission of evaluating the drug scene inside the jail. David is confident that he deserve to fly under the radar, make solid relations and also complete his undercover mission to make the jail a safer area for police officers and also inmates achoose, which aligns with his personal purposes and also the oath he took as an officer.

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David and the remainder of the participants will certainly have the opportunity to satisfy confront to face to confront one one more throughout tonight’s distinct episode. TV Guide’s synopsis for the distinct event episode reads “For the initially time, all salso participants will certainly accomplish via the Sheriff and his team to discuss the craziest moments from their time in the Pinal County Jail.” Joining David will certainly be Sheriff Mark Lamb, Steve, Brooke, Abner, Jazmyn, Vivian, and also Mark.

Greg Henry, Executive Producer of 60 Days In, disputed the difficulties of seaboy five via TV Insider, saying “Eincredibly participant had actually to navigate a human being where affiliation and also race dictated the rules of engagement — somepoint few of them had ever experienced.” He continued: “this is the initially time we had actually our participants satisfy each other before going in, which added an additional level of press and also commitment for them to attain valuable details for jail officials.”