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So I was watching last week"s episode of the Whitest Kids U"Kcurrently, and what did I watch after the credits yet a sketch around this site"s namesake, John Williams. For those unacquainted via the show, its a bunch of 5-6 men sort-of favor Monty Python however not nearly as funny. Most of their sketches are hit and also miss out on, this one not being the exemption, but the sketch itself lasted a great 4-5 minutes. The premise was of Williams being commissioned by George Lucas to come up through a design template for a Star Wars/Indy crossover and also the composer"s quest to come up with the perfect theme to fit a film of this magnitude.

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Aacquire, it wasn"t the funniest thing I"ve ever watched from these males, but I figured you guys would certainly be interested. For anyone interested, it the the episode that initially aired on April 29.



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Hmmm, I do not recognize...it was moderately funny approximately one point; just prior to Williams has actually a "shouting match" through his wife. After that, it drags out and also just becomes grating. I"m additionally not sure it is meant as a positive parody; it greatly seems to be a put-down of his music.

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So not my point. But nice to check out him appear in famous society.



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