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HOUSTON nlinux.org - I Like ThatDon't speak get all set drop. Turn roughly and also make it pop (pop) Ah (don't speak girl) just drop (drop) ... 24's on the whip i remain floss ya. She wanna hang wit the stars...
DLOW nlinux.org - Bet You Can't Do It Like MeHey, hey, rotate up. Oh, oh ... hey, rotate up. Bet you can't Whip prefer me ... Bet you can't drop choose me. Can't Hit ... Now twerk, twerk ... Now dream team, dream team, dream team ... I've been all about the people. See them haters they need to speak it
KALIN AND MYLES nlinux.org - Get It Get It Get Itnlinux.org to "Get It Get It Get It" song by KALIN AND MYLES: Turn around, drop it down to the floor Let me view you obtain it Get it obtain it get it Aye Get, obtain it ge...
MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT nlinux.org - Pep RallyI revolve roughly and make it bounce prefer a basketround. Bounce ... Bouncing and bouncing, currently stop, drop, rock and also roll ... I'm 'bout to whip it, whip it favor potato salad
J. DASH nlinux.org - WOPNow BOUNCE yo body to the, just a little bit harder. Shawty move ... Now drop it to the floor, drop drop it to the floor then ... Turn roughly and wop, wop, wop, wop
504 Boyz - Tight Whips
nlinux.org nlinux.org to 'Tight Whips' by 504 Boyz. ... But they choose my rims they simply non-stop (SPREWELL!) Look choose they runnin ameans ... She got a male, however she still gonna rotate approximately. Bentley, a bucket via chicken I'm prefer ma, go rotate em now. It's favor No...
KANYE WEST nlinux.org - Last CallThey intended that College Dropout to drop and also then flop. Then maybe he speak savin' all the great beats for himself. Rocafella's just ... And I was nearly renowned, currently everybody loves Kanye I'm virtually ... I turned around and responded, why yes yet I prefer the term ... Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips
iAmDLOW - Bet You Can't Do It Like Me nlinux.org Oct 29, 2015 And I'm bout to acquire wit somepoint new for yall (revolve up) Now ... Oooo Ahh Ahh Hey Hey Turn up Bet you can't whip favor me Can't milly rock like me Can't sexy walk favor me Can't hit the quan prefer me, ay bet you can't drop like me Can't hit the ... i been all around the world view them hating they should sheight it ay...
BIBBY X HERB nlinux.org - Kill ShitOne-fifty I'm really with' it, I'll drop his ass and then foracquire it. I'm the male ... But currently it's ago to some killa shit, gained some wild hoes that'll drill a bitch ... If I carry out the dash then my whip will certainly fly, foriegn shit what a nigga ride ... You fuck approximately hit the kill switch, these hollow tips you feel this ... Bodies gon' drop and we ain't gon' stop
MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT nlinux.org - Gossip FolksAnd speak talking bout that I'm sticking and also licking jus mad it ain't yours. I understand ya'll bad ya'll ... When I pull up in my whip. Bitches wanna talk ... Who you trying fuck currently. Naw you ain't ... Drop dvery own rotate about pick a bail of cotton (ya)
KALIN AND MYLES nlinux.org - Watch Me (Remix)Now watch me whip (Kill it!) Now watch me nae ... Then she put it on me and I don't want it to speak. I can tell you via it ... Can we revolve up, or nah. Causage I'm out...
KEVIN GATES nlinux.org - AgainEverybody around you pretending that they your partner (Woah!) Let you have a ... Smiling in your confront, you rotate your earlier they talk about you. I've been ... Glock nine by the speak authorize bout fifty thousand in the stash spot. Pray to God we don't crash in the whip with the dash. I can tap the gas and make that ass drop
Devo - Whip
It nlinux.org nlinux.org to 'Whip It' by Devo: When a trouble comes alengthy You need to whip it Before the cream sets out as well long You need to whip it When something's goin' wrong You. ... Now whip it. Into shape. Shape it up. Get directly. Go forward ... To whip it. Whip it good. When a great time turns approximately. You have to whip it. You will never before live it...
KEVIN GATES nlinux.org - JamRidin' roughly in my whip, listenin' to my shit. She want to hear ... Spit all in in between both cheeks, currently I spreview 'em ... I'm a hit her till the sky revolve blue. And I'm a...
TIMBALAND & MAGOO nlinux.org - Drop
nlinux.org to "Drop" song by TIMBALAND & MAGOO: Fat Man Scoop, Crooklyn Clan Timbaland also, Timbaland Fat Man ... Before we start to turn it out ... Now sheight for Big Pun speak for Big pun ... Mess around I be leaving this club via Stacey Dash
FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE nlinux.org - Headphonesnlinux.org to "Headphones" song by FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE: You were a whip about tvery own Tinted windows dvery own Alabama bound Dixieland also delight You were a ... A revolve on a dirt road dime ... A sun without a drop ... And currently I'm tied to a train
KALIN AND MYLES nlinux.org - At The Dedication TourI be riding in the whip, wind up, bang bang, bang bang. I'm going 18 ... Bad one drop it to the beat, go 'head ... But which city gonna turn up the a lot of, c'mon ... Said tbelow ain't no party prefer a KAMFAM party reason the KAMFAM party don't soptimal.
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. nlinux.org - Nasty GirlCaesar drop you off once he view his P.O.(hey) Back of my ... Then I, whip it out, rubber no doubt. Step out ... And I don't soptimal, till I squirt ... All ma womales from about the people ... Ladies and also Gentlemen you are now tuning right into the very best
KEVIN GATES nlinux.org - Out The Mudnlinux.org to "Out The Mud" song by KEVIN GATES: 24 hours, nigga, 7 days a week Me, I don't acquire worn down I let you other niggas sleep Turn up for that c... ... Turn up for that inspect ... Now they ridiculously saying, that when I don't come in I'm with a freak bitch ... Drop no whip, and a nigga gon' vouch (vouch) ... Word Around Town
Houston, Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20 - I Like That nlinux.org ... dont stop acquire ready drop rotate about and also make it pop (pop) just drop (drop) whooa whooo i like that i choose ... ya if ya heard what i say ya get toss up 24's on tha whip i stay flossed up she wanna hang wit tha stars so i ... Get the mobile app now.
LIL BOOSIE nlinux.org - Tear It DownI smoke I drank I carry out my thang I ant mean to soptimal shit reason I'm a grvery own ass ... tear it dvery own tear it down mane let's go on capture a round nigga let's turn the lights on in ... tellin em this if you don't understand currently you understand bitch yo ass nigga be the click ... you wanna execute nigga what you wanna do, Drop top no roof real swift no proof...
EMINEM nlinux.org - Drop
The Bomb On 'emnlinux.org to "Drop The Bomb On 'em" song by EMINEM: Yeah boy, dem much better to ring the alarm boy, ... Whip ass on ya, thats the last straw your hoping to attract, ... I'll destroy ya boy, fuck around and blow ya to sod ... We gain to beefing, aint no telling at what point it will certainly stop, ... Im bout to revolve this fucking place to Beirut in a day
J. COLE nlinux.org - Land also Of The SnakesI told her, "Aw baby don't stop! I ain't looking ... Make that ass drop. Make that ass ... Can't obtain a cover now your mag on my penis ... My kicks hard, my whip hard
ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL nlinux.org - OldieRobbin' in the hood: whips, drugs, jewels, and also your pet. Stealing your ... Know your shit is not as hot as anypoint I fuckin' drop. Bitch I'm in ... Now I'm all grvery own, sing songs just to give 'em watts. Fire what I ... Drive roughly with your friends, smoke a gram of that haze ... Almeans attempt to turn our fuckin' color right into black and also white
Houston, Nate Dogg, I-20 & Chingy - I Like That (Radio Edit) nlinux.org ...... gain all set drop Turn roughly and also make it pop Ahh, don't sheight, girl simply drop Whoa, ooh, whoa, ooh Whoa, ... it'll price ya What I say ya gett'n tossed up 24's on tha whip I continue to be floss up She wanna hang wit tha stars So I ... Get the mobile app now.
BUSTA RHYMES nlinux.org - Touch Itnlinux.org to "Touch It" song by BUSTA RHYMES: "Touch it- carry it - pay it - watch it - rotate it - leave it - stop - format ... Lot of my bitches be coming from miles around
PUFF DADDY nlinux.org - MMMHey revolve up, rotate up. Hey ... Drop peak serving up the dope, blat blat ... Now I'm with the freeband also, way back, hey guy ... Whip it, push it, ship it, examine it ... They call me ace about here, nigga ... They wish they might sheight me my money long
YUNG JOC nlinux.org - Coffee ShopI got you, pull on roughly to the home window pimp. Aight shawty ... Turn them lights on, j's rush the parkin lot. This the neighborhoods number one sheight n shop ... N currently we doin numbers, favor the closeout ... When you drop by just ask for whip game
AUGUST ALSINA nlinux.org - NumbNow when you see my apparel I acquired a number of different leathers. Look at my ... This whip is mine but I drive it prefer I stole it ... Baby have the right to I view you make yo ass drop? ... I'm a sip this 'Roc, baby don't sheight ... Turn dvery own for what, require another drink
YUNG CHRIS nlinux.org - Racks (Remix)Had so a lot kush and also Ciroc, bitch I think my heart soptimal (Yeaaaaaaaah!) E'ry night's a ... I know it's some girls in the crowd best now that wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! ... We buy cars. y'all flip whips, capture us smokin that quick trip ... Ask about on the Eastside, I'm the S-H-I-T ... With the peak on drop and also the trunk on pop
MEEK MILL nlinux.org - Trap Vibes (Summer Sixteenager & Panda Remix)Bulletproof whip as soon as I ride approximately. Niggas talk shit ... I'm so popping all my haters revolve friends now. Diamonds ... We looking at you favor you have to stop money
DAFT PUNK nlinux.org - TechnologicPlug it, play it, burn it, rip it, Drag and also drop it, zip - unzip it, Lock it, fill it, contact it, find it ... Turn it, leave it, start - format it. Buy it, use it, break it, deal with it, Trash it, adjust it,...
LIL' WAYNE nlinux.org - Plastic BagDrop her off at the nigga pad. Now she goin' with the nigga's stash. You slept all night ... His whole challenge sand white, we pistol whip it purple. Yeah, pistol whip...
EMINEM nlinux.org - As The World TurnsI don't know why this people save turning. Round and Round But I wish it would certainly stop, and also let me off ideal now. Yes man ... to tell me sheight. While I drop this bitch face dvery own and also watch her belly flop ... We drive around in million dollar sports cars
BADVERTISEMENT MEETS EVIL nlinux.org - A KissGet in the whip but you ain't turning, this frog right into a prince ... Now you in my whip simply lengthy as you understand also that I can't be whipped ... Drop the "P" and also add a "T", yeah, you have the right to get mad at me all you desire ... Ride approximately 'til we're carsick? ... Speak it I'm in your pocket outside of a church. The various other hand...
J. COLE nlinux.org - Premeditated MurderGon' ultimately offer a nigga leg room and a whip. From a Civic to a ... Now the crib gained a lot room -Portobello She drop it low and also then she bust moves for the fellow. I sit yo ass ... My heart'll revolve pitch babsence and also cold if I separation through my girl. If I can...
I Like That (Un-Cut) nlinux.org - HoustonTurn Around And Make It Pop, Ahh (Don't Speak ... (Don't Stop Girl, It's The Drop Girl) Just Drop ... 24's On The Whip I Stay Flossed Ya ... Now Freak Back What?
BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR nlinux.org - S My DNow my fashion simply thrases. In death star black Suck my dick ... Speak, drop, make it roll. Turn roughly, what the hell. Go actual fast, break it dvery own. Do it 'til you...
YO GOTTI nlinux.org - Real ShitRunnin around,talking down, playing games, nigga die. Young niggas in the ... I'm trying to sheight from clicking out. Did a display in ... Baby momma left a nigga and also now it tough to check out the youngsters. Record label ... And I ain't drop shit yet a nigga bitch off. You recognize what ... Cope a new whip so I left the paper tags on it. Got a couple...
LIL YACHTY nlinux.org - For Hot 97JBan$2Turn, Byou & BigBruthaChubba). ... Woke up all my niggas choose stop all that restin' Might have actually my ... Whips so new gained these coppers thinkin' it's stolen. So they pull ... That bitch actin' reckless, drop her off in Texas My plug he...

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