The _______ ______ for a procedure consists of all feasible simple occasions or all outcomes that cannot be damaged dvery own any kind of even more.

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Sample space

The timeless technique to probcapability needs that the outcomes are ____ _____.

Equally likely

A procedure is repetitive aobtain and also aget, the loved one frequency of an event often tends to approach the actual probcapacity. This is known as _____ _____.

The law of large numbers

When making use of the ______ ____ always be mindful to protect against double-counting outcomes.

Addition rule

Events that are ____ cannot happen at the very same time.


________ shows the probcapability that in a solitary trial, event A occurs, event B occurs, or they both take place.

P(A or B)

A _______ _____ is any event combining 2 or more basic occasions.

Compound event

Which word is connected through multiplication when computing probabilities?


A photo of line segments branching out from one starting allude illustrating the possible outcomes of a procedure is referred to as a ______ ______.

Tree diagram

Two occasions A and also B are _________ if the incident of one does not impact the probcapacity of the event of the various other.


Selections made via replacement are thought about to be _________.

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"At least one" is tantamount to "_____ __ _____."

One or more

The match of "at least one" is "_____."


A _______ probcapacity of an occasion is a probcapability obtained through expertise that some various other event has actually currently occurred.


Any collection of results or outcomes of a procedure


An outcome or an event that cannot be even more damaged dvery own right into much easier components

Simple Event

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