Lice, rats, barbed wire, fleas, shells, bombs, underground caves, corpses, blood, liquor, mice, cats, artillery, filth, bulallows, morters, fire, steel. That"s what battle is. It is the work of the evil one.

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Acronym standing for Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism which are the main long term causes of the war.
The dedication of a nation to have actually the finest military. All apart of social darwinism, if you don"t have actually the ideal military you won"t succeed.
During the 1800"s and at an early stage 1900"s, Germany type of ended up being incredibly aggressive and many kind of nations witnessed this and complied with in their footmeasures.
A trick agreement created by Otto Von Bismarck to keep France out of power by staying neutral in the instance of conflict. The members were Germany kind of, Austria-Hungary, and Russia.
An defensive alliance between Germany type of, Austria-Hungary, and also Italy. If one country gets assaulted or goes to battle, the various other nations have to help that country.
A treaty created in between Russia and also Germany that reput the expired Three Emperor"s Organization in 1887.
The European countries wanted to even more their power and also influence so they setup colonies, and they thought it was their ideal to exert their power. The colonies led to problems though, as Germany kind of and France virtually went to battle over Morocco in 1905 and also 1911. Imperialism goals: financial, strategic, humanitarian, spread religion, and also political.
Nationalism is extreme pride in one"s nation. Many type of various ethnic teams in the Balkans ended up being very nationalistic and they wanted to have their very own countries. They wanted to break totally free from Austria-Hungary and the Ottoguy Empire. Many kind of nations during this time believed that they were the ideal, which provided them a false superiority complicated.
The Balkans were called this for the many type of troubles that taken place there in the time of this time. The Balkans were consisted of of many ethnic teams all wanting their very own nations and self-reliance from the decreasing Ottoguy Realm.
Serbia was among the only nations that gained independence from the Ottoman Empire at an early stage. Many type of of the Serbs is Bosnia and also Herzegovina wanted to join their land also via Serbia to make a larger Serbia, but they were under the strict rule of Austria-Hungary.
Russians wanted land also in the Balkans and also a water course to the Mediterranean, yet other European countries assumed that this would certainly throw of the balance of power.
An Austrian Archduke following in line for the throne. He wasn"t exceptionally well-liked in Austria-Hungary bereason he married someone that wasn"t royalty and refsupplied to marry someone else. His wife was Sophie. In his personal life, he had over 200,000 hunting kills. He didn"t choose the Balkans and also called them pigs.
An principle proposed by Archduke Franz Ferdinand also to include Serbia to the already dual monarchy Austria-Hungary making it a tri-monarchy.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand also was assassinated on June 28th 1914 in Sarajevo. He was there to see Austrian troop motions. He was in a car in an open-air parade and the Black Hand, a Serbian terrorist team, was plotting to kill him. At first, a member via a bomb at his car however it bounced off and also blew up an additional vehicle. Franz Ferdinand also insisted to go to the hospital to visit the guy, so while they were driving tright here, they took a wrong revolve and also went down a street with Gavrilo Princip on it, a member of the Babsence Hand also. He swarm Franz Ferdinand and also his wife allude blank, killing them both.
A Serbian member of the Babsence Hand that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. He was imprisoned and also passed away in 1918 or 1920 of tuberculosis.

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After the assassination, Austria-Hungary endangered Serbia via war and provided them a list of difficult demands that they had to meet to avoid war. They had actually 1 month to satisfy the requirements "or else." (war). Serbia offered the Babsence Hand also through weapons.
1) Serbian federal government had to condemn all anti-Austria-Hungary propaganda, publications, and organizations like the Babsence Hand. 2) Serbia had to ban all teachers and books that didn"t favor Austria-Hungary3) Serbia had to dismiss all officials that promoted propaganda versus Austria-Hungary4) Austro-Hungarian officials had to be current at the court proceedings against the perpetrators being accsupplied of being associated in the assassination