Frequency is characterized as the number of waves that passes a given point per second. It is expressed in Hertz. It is denoted by the symbol


The equation that web links power of the pwrite-up and also frequency of the pshort article is offered by Planck"s equation, which is:



E = power of the particle

h = Planck"s constant

= frequency of the particle

Hence, the frequency is directly proportional to power of the wave.

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For this instance we have by definition:

v = λf

We observe that we have a direct relationship, wright here λ is the continuous of proportionality.

We have then:

v: rate of propagation of the waveλ: wavelengthf: frequency

The variable that is directly proportional to the frequency is λ, the wavelength.

The connection in between the speed, the frequency and the wavesize of a wave is offered by:
wheref is the frequencyv is the speed of the wave
is its wavelengthfor the press wave in this trouble, 
and v=1400 m/s, therefore its frequency is

Acceleration is velocity over time. in order to find velocity, you divide distance over time

What physical features of sound can be supplied to recognize the energy lugged by sound waves? Exordinary.

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It transmits power into the medium with its vibration. More energetic vibration coincides to larger amplitude. The molecules move earlier and forth even more intensely. The loudness of a sound is also identified by the sensitivity of the ear.