Which term is regularly provided interchangeably with the term "motivation"? (a) Incentive (b) Emovement (c) Need (d) Inspiration


Need is the term often used through motivation.

Answer: Option c


The motivation is a require, interest or desire to motivate an individual in the direction of an action. Motivation is the generalised term wbelow motive is the particular term. The agent of incentive is motive.

The other choice cannot be taken into account once compared to the term “Need”. Tbelow are 2 types of incentive recognized as intrinsic which motivate inside the body ad extrinsic incentive which motivates outside the body.

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Motivation is a common word provided in enterprises is a temporal and dynamic state that induces an individual to act as desired. Motivation is having actually the encouragement to perform somepoint. The incentive is an catalyst, interemainder or desire to motivate an individual in the direction of an action. Motivation is the prevalent term wright here motive is the exact term of it. The agent of impetus is motive. Other choices can not be taken into consideration when compared to the term “Need”.

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