We recognize the heroes that attend to challenges and also sacrifice themselves to conserve the world. But the Suicide Squad has actually one more mission- villains that have to become heroes! Let"s find out if you have the right to win a spot in this crazy team!

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Eincredibly villain has actually its own sad story. What"s yours?

Unrequited love made me favor this

I"m pure evil considering that the day I was born!

It"s my curiosity

My evil mind is to blame

What"s your superpower?

I"m a genius killer

Enormous intelligence

Strength and also agility

I have actually magical powers

Choose your weapon:

I do not need weapon, I have associates


Baseball bat


You were imprisoned. In your opinion, what for?

Break-in, burglary, murders. It was beautiful

Ah, it simply a tiny murder

It"s not my fault, I was framed!

My cruelty has obtained me cornered...

Are you staying for long?

There"s plenty of complimentary time in prichild. What are you doing here?

I work-related out to stay fit

I"m looking for allies, planning my escape

I"m finding out brand-new points. Might be useful, by the way

I"m just having fun here

Do you remember your life prior to you turned evil?

Yes, I was fond or art

I was functioning in laboratory

I had actually my own practice

No, evil was inside me the whole time

You"ve controlled to organize a squad. It"s time to choose a leader:

It"s me. No arguments!

Well, who cares?!

We need someone cunning and tactical

Please, anyone who"s not male

What will you do after getting out of prison?

Dunno, we"ll see

I try to start over. What if I can?

Let everyone that dragged me there feel my revenge

I"ll find a job

Imagine that you"re plotting the escape. What will certainly you do?

I trust my bae. I will be out of here

Oh no, I"ll serve my time. I believe in justice!

I recognize this prichild well. Escaping isn"t a problem

Definitely deceiving

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, or Harleen Frances Quinzel is a former psychiatrist with some significant psychological disorders. She has actually no superpowers, yet she is a skilled person through terrific training and high intelligence. This character is hot-tempered and also unpredictable. Her favorite tools are: hammer, baseround bat or astronomical gun. You deserve to organize your own Suicide Squad via friends. Share this test to uncover out their roles in the team!


Slipknot is a hero without superpowers. However before, he"s gained brains! His intelligence aided him to design an ultra solid rope as soon as he was functioning in a chemical laboratory. Now, he is a skilled killer that prefers hanging world. Slipknot is charming, but he is additionally cruel and also shrewd. There"s no escape from him. You deserve to organize your own Suicide Squad with friends. Share this test to uncover out their duties in the team!


June Moone was a freelance artist who all of a sudden turned into a villain. Her curiosity assisted her to learn magic, that provided her virtually limitless power. Enchantress has actually dissociative identification disorder: one of her identities is sort and heroic, and also the other is a cruel villain. You deserve to organize your very own Suicide Squad through friends. Share this test to uncover out their functions in the team!


Joker is a hopeless killer and psychoroute. He never before participates in the Suicide Squad operations however is always all set to consult the others. This character is a freaking genius well-known for his war with Batmale. He is excellent at poisons and chemicals, has actually a propensity to sadism. His feeling of humor is specific.

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You can organize your very own Suicide Squad through friends. Share this test to uncover out their roles in the team!