Are you a lumbersexual programmer, an awkward startup entrepreneur or the owner of a soul-crushing megacorp? Find out now!

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You are Rictough Hendricks. You are a shy person, but genuinely care around the work you do and about those about you.You're careful, perhaps you drive a Volvo; and also you probably use DuckDuckGo as your search engine because you think it's dumb that other suppliers keep and also share your search background.Your favorite startup is Firefox. It's cost-free, it's open resource and it cares about world choose you!You're most likely trying to produce somepoint life-transforming, not because of the reward but bereason you just feel it's the ideal point to do!

You're Jian Yang.You're not really certain how you ended up in some huge curly-haired man's firm however you're trying to construct a good application and make it America!Your favorite search engine is Baidu, and your favorite startup is Line. You don't really understand why civilization don't use more stickers.But let's challenge it Americans are weird! They actually care about wbelow you burn your garbage.

You are Erlich "F*cking" Bachmale. A successful entrepreneur and mentor.You wear ironic T-shirts and usage software program favor Open-Office and DuckDuckGo search bereason you hate the mega-corps that are stealing all your talent.The world would be a better area if it had actually fifty percent your wisdom, a 3rd of your drive and also an eighth of your raw sex-related magnetism.

You're Big Head. You have a Big Head. You've discovered yourself oddly brushed up up in a corporate setting wbelow you are vastly under qualified.Oh well. They have complimentary breakrapid.

You are Gavin Belkid. You really couldn't offer a rats-ass around what other civilization think. They are lines in a database to you and also the even more lines you have actually, the even more money you make.Your favorite startups are Google and also Facebook, the mine all sorts of delicious data!You cringe at words like Tor, Bitcoin and Open-Source. How's a hostile VC intended to make a living with that crap?

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You are Gilfoyle.You may or might not be a Canadian citizen. Let's confront it boarders are simply a construct of arbitrary contracts, and it really doesn't issue if you are getting paid in Bitcoin anyway!You love the EFF, use Tor, and swear by DuckDuckGo as your search engine. Why? Since your life is your very own damn service and no one elses!You're basically the most bad-ass technical mind their is and also deserve to construct a server farm out of a trashhave the right to.

Are you a lumbersex-related programmer, an awkward startup entrepreneur or the owner of a soul-crushing megacorp? Find out now!