Grammar. a sequence of 2 or more words arranged in a grammatical construction and also acting as a unit in a sentence. (in English) a sequence of 2 or more words that does not contain a finite verb and also its subject or that does not consist of clausage elements such as subject, verb, object, or match, as a preplace and also a noun or pronoun, an adjective and noun, or an adverb and also verb.

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Rhetoric. a word or team of spoken words that the mind concentrates on momentarily as a coherent unit and also is preceded and also complied with by paprovides.
Music. a department of a complace, typically a passage of four or eight actions, developing part of a period.
Music. to note off or carry out the phrases of (a piece), particularly in execution. to team (notes) into a phrase.
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First recorded in 1520–30; (noun) back development from phrases, plural of previously phrasis, from Latin phrasis “diction, style” (plural phrasēs), from Greek phrásis “diction, style, speech,” identical to phrá(zein) “to speak” + -sis-sis; (verb) derivative of the noun
1. Phrase, expression, idiom, locution all refer to grammatically related groups of words. A phrase is a sequence of 2 or even more words that comprise a grammatical building, usually doing not have a finite verb and for this reason not a finish clausage or sentence: shady lane (a noun phrase); at the bottom (a prepositional phrase); extremely progressively (an adverbial phrase). In basic use, expression describes any kind of generally recurring or memorable group of words, generally of much less than sentence size or complexity: a case of feast or famine—to usage the renowned expression. Expression is the many general of these words and also might refer to a word, a expression, or even a sentence: pclimbed filled with old-fashioned expressions. An idiom is a expression or larger unit of expression that is strange to a single language or a range of a language and whose interpretation, often figurative, cannot conveniently be interpreted by combining the usual definitions of its individual components, as to go for damaged. Locution is a rather formal term for a word, a expression, or an expression considered as strange to or characteristic of a regional or social language or thought about as a sample of language quite than as a meaning-bearing item: a unique collection of locutions heard just in the mountainous regions of the South.


mis·phrase, verb (used through object), mis·phrased, mis·phras·ing.un·phrased, adjective
phr., phragmites, phragmoplast, phrasal, phrasal verb, expression, expression book, phrasemaker, expression marker, phrasemonger, phraseogram
saying, renote, slogan, utterance, phrasing, idiom, motto, expression, terminology, wording, byword, diction, locution, maxim, catchword, tag, watchword, verbiage, shibboleth, verbalism