c : to transform or readjust so regarding bring to some standard or required condition correct a lens for spherical aberration She"s having surgical procedure to correct her vision.

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2a : to self-control or punish (someone) for some fault or lapse … I was most rude then. Only a tiny boy, Sir, and also I was corrected for it, I ascertain you, by my father …— Rex Ingamells
4 : conforming to the strict needs of a certain ideological background or set of ideas or worths environmentally correct spiritually correct

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correctable kə-​ˈrek-​tə-​bəl adjective
corrector kə-​ˈrek-​tər noun
properly kə-​ˈrek(t)-​lē adverb
correctness kə-​ˈrek(t)-​nəs noun

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correct, rectify, emend, remedy, redress, amfinish, reform, revise expect to make best what is wrong. correct indicates taking action to rerelocate errors, faults, deviations, defects. correct your spelling rectify means a much more important altering to make somepoint right, just, or effectively controlled or directed. rectify a misguided policy emfinish specifically suggests correction of a message or manumanuscript. emend a message remedy implies rerelocating or making harmless a cause of trouble, harm, or evil. set out to remedy the evils of the people redress suggests making compensation or reparation for an unfairness, injustice, or imbalance. redress previous social injustices amfinish, reform, revise imply an improving by making corrective changes, amfinish normally arguing slight changes amend a legislation , redevelop implying drastic adjust plans to reform the court mechanism , and also revise arguing a mindful examination of something and the making of necessary transforms. revise the schedule synonyms see in enhancement punish


correct, specific, specific, specific, nice, best expect concreating to truth, conventional, or reality. correct usually indicates flexibility from fault or error. correct answers socially correct dress specific indicates fidelity to reality or reality attained by exercise of treatment. an accurate description precise stresses an extremely strict agreement via truth, typical, or reality. exact measurements precise adds to precise an emphasis on sharpness of definition or delimitation. precise calibration nice stresses excellent precision and also delicacy of adjustment or discrimicountry. provides nice distinctions right is close to correct however has actually a stronger positive focus on conformity to fact or reality fairly than mere absence of error or fault. the right point to carry out

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Verb I hate it as soon as she corrects my grammar. Please correct your essay for punctuation errors. Our teacher hasn"t finimelted correcting our tests yet. He corrects files through a red pen. We are finding ways to correct this tough instance. We"ll correct the difficulty with the circuit as soon as feasible. These drugs are supplied for correcting chemical imbalances in the brain. Adjective What"s the correct answer to this question? Her watch never before tells the correct time. an anatomically correct drawing of the huguy body Did I offer you the correct change? With the correct amount of water and sunlight, the plant will certainly grow well.
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Recent Instances on the Web: Verb On initially offense, the operator will get a warning and also alert to correct. — Catherine Thorbecke, ABC News, 8 Nov. 2021 Mosley sassist his squad spent a big percent of Saturday’s exercise trying to correct the errors that brought about nine fourth-quarter turnovers on Friday. — The Salt Lake Tribune, 7 Nov. 2021 The three-vote difference was the result Thursday evening after the deadline for voters to correct problems through vote-by-mail ballots. — Brooke Baitinger, sun-sentinel.com, 5 Nov. 2021 If the tips of the branches passed away earlier due to the cold, trim and reform the plant to correct the damages. — Neil Sperry, San Antonio Express-News, 5 Nov. 2021 This story has actually been updated with a statement from an attorney Tina Tintor"s household and also to correct the name of her dog, Max, not Maxi. — Ken Ritter, ajc, 4 Nov. 2021 But as this instance reflects, the retribution version does not job-related to actually correct ethical violations. — Jonathan Cohn, Wired, 3 Nov. 2021 Rick, 32, used his time at the cocktail party to correct the misconception that all the guys had actually wondered about Michelle"s character. — Dana Rose Falcone, PEOPLE.com, 2 Nov. 2021 This story was edited at 5:32 p.m. to correct a mistake about the variety of votes compelled to fulfill the two-thirds majority. — Mike Caboy | Mcason
al.com, al, 2 Nov. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective And therein lies the problem: Whether or not the lab-leak theory on the origin of Covid-19 is correct, virologists have had actually a long time to concerned terms via gain-of-feature research. — John P. Moore, STAT, 10 Nov. 2021 If Kelley"s variation was correct, Rittenresidence hit Rosenbaum twice before firing the lethal shot to the earlier. — Bruce Vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9 Nov. 2021 But wright here these assorted factions agree—that Democrats’ difficulty is fundamental—is correct. — Natalie Shure, The New Republic, 8 Nov. 2021 Confirm the details reflected in your credit report are correct and tbelow aren"t any type of mistakes. — Tara Hotchkis, Forbes, 8 Nov. 2021 If the information is correct, then the Galaxy S22 Ultra and also all the other S22 versions are simply three months amethod. — Chris Smith, BGR, 6 Nov. 2021 And that interpretation is, by pretty a lot any measure, correct. — New York Times, 5 Nov. 2021 If my math is correct, catchers have hit .242/.311/.389 since 2009, Buster Posey"s rookie year. — Jon Schultz, San Francisco Chronicle, 3 Nov. 2021 In the adhering to years, astronomers would certainly realize that our classical idea of exactly how planets form — tiny rocks clump into bigger rocks, which then clump further — could not be correct. — Quanta Magazine, 3 Nov. 2021

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First Known Use of correct


1fourth century, in the interpretation defined at feeling 1a


1668, in the definition defined at sense 1

History and also Etymology for correct


Center English, from Latin correctus, previous participle of corrigere, from com- + regere to lead directly — even more at best


Middle English, corrected, from Latin correctus, from past participle of corrigere — view correct enattempt 1