10. Which among the complying with statements around sulfuric acid is correct?A. Sulfuric acid is dangerous to living organisms.B. Sulfuric acid is a solid oxidizing agent.C. Sulfuric acid has actually little effect on steels.D. Sulfuric acid is a known muriatic acid.

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10. Which among the following statements about sulfuric acid is correct? A. Sulfuric acid is dangerous to living organisms. B. Sulfuric acid is a strong oxidizing agent. C. Sulfuric acid has actually bit result on metals. D. Sulfuric acid is a well-known muriatic acid.
21. The major distinction between rate and also velocity involvesA. direction.B. gravity.C. weight.D. distance.
The transmission of warmth requiring the movement of a liquid or a gas isA. transduction.B. radiation.C. convection.D. conduction.
Liquid alcohol will certainly change to vapor as soon as its temperature reaches theA. melting point.B. boiling suggest.C. futilizing point.D. freezing suggest.
17. Which one of the adhering to substances is a liquid fuel offered in rocket engines?A. AmmoniaB. Codium nitrateC. Potassium perchlorateD. Liquid oxygen
The amount of warm energy forced to raise the temperature of a unit mass of a product one degree isA. its warmth capacity.B. a Btu.C. absolute zero.D. a Joule.
nlinux.org: The amount of warmth energy forced to raise the temperature of a unit mass of a material one degree is its warmth capacity. (More)

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