Business process(es) sustained by enterprise units include:

Manufacturing and also manufacturing procedures.

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Human being sources processes.
Sales and also marketing processes.
All of the above.

Which of the complying with statements around enterpclimb units is not true?

Enterprise units aid firms respond rapidly to customer requests for indevelopment or products.
Enterpclimb units enable senior management to quickly find out at any type of moment how a certain business unit is perdeveloping.
Enterprise units permit senior management to accurately forecast sales.
Enterpclimb systems enable senior management to determine which products are the majority of or leastern profitable.

A netoccupational of organizations provided for procuring raw materials, transforming these materials into assets, and also distributing the assets to customers is dubbed a(n):

Enterprise system.
Supply chain.
Process chain.
Value chain.

The percent of the supply chain responsible for distributing and moving products to the final customers is described as:

The downstream percentage.
The upstream portion.
The task chain.
The interior supply chain.

"A supply chain thrust by manufacturing master schedules based on forecasts or ideal guesses of demand for products" ideal describes a(n):

Innovation-based model.
Push-based model.
Pull-based version.
Replenishment-based version.

A strategy of interacting via customers, such as a Internet website or a wireless tool, is dubbed a:

Customer service version.
Demand also suggest.
Sales force point.
Touch suggest.

Studies have presented that it prices _____ times more to market to a brand-new customer than to an existing customer.


Which of the complying with is an effective instrument for achieving operational excellence and improving decision making?

Enterpincrease devices.
Customer relationship monitoring devices.
Supply chain management systems.
All of the over.

Enterpclimb applications are based on:

Local data meanings.
Dynamic data definitions.
Organization-wide data meanings.
No information interpretations.

The major enterpclimb software application merchants have developed what they speak to ______ to make their customer connection monitoring, supply chain monitoring, and also enterprise devices work-related very closely through each various other.

Enterpclimb remedies.
Enterprise suites.
E-organization suites.

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All of the above.
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