the Russian word ‘creda’, definition ‘being’the Latin word ‘cultura’, which is from the verb colere, denoting ‘to till’the Turkish word ‘copki’, denoting ‘to swim’the Slovene word ‘kava’, denoting ‘a coffee’

2. Which of the complying with statements best defines culture?

Culture is a particular way of living of a group of world.Culture is an belief made up of false idea devices.Culture is a site of oppression.Culture is just rules and also norms.

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3. In Australia, social ideas by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander have ______.

concentrated on hanging horseshoes over their doors to bring positive spirits and also excellent lucktraditionally had actually a strong physical and also spiritual bond via the landscape via ‘the Dreaming’focused on bowing to their childrenconcentrated on both hanging horseshoes over their doors to bring positive spirits and also good luck and on bowing to their children

4. Which of the adhering to statements ideal shows the power of the cultural rituals and also personalizeds that world observe?

normalization of violencethe power of footsphere (soccer) in many type of countries, beginning in Europe and also South America, symbolizing a core value of pride in the nationthe imperial weddings, reinforcing the belonging to a national cultureboth the power of footround (soccer) in many countries, founding in Europe and also South America, symbolizing a core worth of pride in the country, and also the imperial weddings, reinforcing the belonging to a nationwide culture

5. Which of the adhering to ideal explains the emic approach?

The emic approach views each society as a distinct entity that have the right to just be examined by constructs arisen from inside the society.The emic technique focuses on identifying culture-certain elements concepts and also behaviour which cannot be compared throughout all societies.Emic expertise and interpretations are those existing within a society, that are shaped by neighborhood custom-mades, worths, meanings, and also ideas .all of these

6. According to social constructionist, cultural identity ______.

indicates that human being use etymological and other social resources in the recurring building and rebuilding and construction of individual and group identitylocates a perkid in a cultural team and distinguishes the perkid from others who are in various other groupsis a theatrical performance that conveys the self to others in the finest possible lightevery one of these

7. What does it expect that ‘culture is dynamic’?

Culture is subject to adjust over time.Culture may be examined by applying preidentified categories.Only elites create society.Culture is resistance to adjust.

8. Which of the adhering to statements finest defines subculture?

Tbelow are subcultures within society.Subcultures provide their members feelings of stress and also are afraid just.Subsocieties deserve to be characterized by ethnicity, social course, organization and also geographic region.There are subsocieties within culture, and subcultures deserve to be characterized by ethnicity, social class, organization and also geographical area.

9. Which of the complying with statements is NOT true of organizational culture?

Employees host beliefs and worths governing their behaviour.Employees build common interpretation of organizational reality.Subsidiaries of the same organization operating in various countries have actually precisely exact same worths.Organizational society gives employees a feeling of identity.

10. Digital culture stands for the changes carried about by contemporary digital, networked and also personalised media in our culture. In that, digital society ______.

associates itself strictly with much less user participationconcentrates just on religious identitiespromotes majority ethnic groupssignifies the transformation from print and broadcast centred media to netoperated media, which count on digital communication technologies

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