Learning Objectives

Identify ways to differ sentence framework.Write and revise sentence structure at the start of sentences.Write and also revise sentence structure by connecting concepts.

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Have you ever ordered a dish in a restaurant and been not happy through its taste, even though it included the majority of of your favorite ingredients? Just as a meal could lack the finishing touches necessary to spice it up, so also can a paragraph contain all the standard components however still absence the stylistic finesse forced to connect a reader. Sometimes authors have actually a tendency to reusage the same sentence pattern throughout their composing. Like any kind of repeated task, reading message that contains too many sentences via the very same size and also framework have the right to become monotonous and also boring. Experienced writers mix it up by using an assortment of sentence fads, rhythms, and also lengths.

In this chapter, you will certainly follow a student named Naomi that has actually created a draft of an essay however requirements to refine her creating. This area discusses exactly how to present sentence array into composing, just how to open sentences utilizing a selection of approaches, and also exactly how to use various forms of sentence structure once connecting principles. You can use these approaches when revising a record to bring life and also rhythm to your work-related. They will certainly likewise make analysis your work-related even more enjoyable.

Incorporating Sentence Variety

Experienced authors incorpoprice sentence range into their composing by varying sentence style and structure. Using a mixture of various sentence structures reduces repetition and adds emphasis to crucial points in the text. Read the adhering to example:

Throughout my time in office I have actually accomplished a number of objectives. I have actually aided boost capital for neighborhood schools. I have actually lessened crime rates in the community. I have actually urged young world to obtain associated in their community. My competitor argues that she is the much better option in the upcoming election. I argue that it is ridiculous to deal with something that isn’t damaged. If you reelect me this year, I promise to proceed to serve this community.

In this extract from an election project, the writer provides short, easy sentences of a comparable size and also style. Writers often wrongly think that this technique makes the message even more clear for the reader, however the result is a choppy, unsophisticated paragraph that does not grab the audience’s attention. Now check out the revised paragraph with sentence variety:

During my time in office, I have actually helped rise resources for regional institutions, reduced crime prices in the neighborhood, and also motivated young civilization to acquire associated in their area. Why resolve what isn’t broken? If you reelect me this year, I will certainly proceed to achieve great points for this community. Don’t take a chance on an unknown contender; vote for the proven success.

Notice how presenting a brief rhetorical question among the much longer sentences in the paragraph is an reliable suggests of keeping the reader’s attention. In the revised variation, the writer combines the choppy sentences at the beginning right into one much longer sentence, which adds rhythm and interest to the paragraph.


Effective authors regularly implement the “dominance of 3,” which is basically the believed that things that contain three elements are even more memorable and also even more satisfying to readers than any type of other number. Try to use a collection of 3 as soon as giving examples, grouping adjectives, or generating a list.

Exercise 1

Combine each collection of basic sentences into a compound or a complex sentence. Write the unified sentence on your very own sheet of paper.

Heroin is an extremely addictive drug. Thousands of heroin addicts die yearly.Shakespeare’s writing is still relevant today. He wrote around timemuch less themes. These themes incorporate love, hate, jealousy, death, and destiny.Gay marital relationship is now legal in six claims. Iowa, Massachusetts, Connectireduced, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine all permit same-sex marriage. Other claims are most likely to follow their example.Precreating is an essential stage of the creating process. Precomposing helps you organize your concepts. Types of precomposing incorporate outlining, brainstorming, and also principle mapping.Mitch Bancroft is a famed writer. He likewise serves as a governor on the regional school board. Mitch’s 2 kids attfinish the institution.


Please share with a classmate and also compare your answers.

Using Sentence Variety at the Beginning of Sentences

Read the complying with sentences and think about what they all have actually in common:

John and Amanda will certainly be analyzing this week’s financial report.

The automobile screeched to a halt simply a couple of inches amethod from the young boy.

Students hardly ever pertained to the exam adequately ready.

If you are having actually trouble figuring out why these sentences are equivalent, attempt underlining the subject in each. You will alert that the subject is positioned at the beginning of each sentence—John and also Amanda, the car, students. Since the subject-verb-object pattern is the most basic sentence framework, many kind of authors tend to overuse this technique, which have the right to result in recurring paragraphs via little sentence array.

Naomi composed an essay about the 2008 federal government bailout. Read this excerpt from Naomi’s essay:


This area examines numerous ways to present sentence variety at the start of sentences, using Naomi’s essay as an instance.

Starting a Sentence through an Adverb

One method you can use so regarding prevent start a sentence with the subject is to use an adverb. An adverb is a word that explains a verb, adjective, or various other adverb and often ends in –ly. Examples of adverbs incorporate quickly, softly, quietly, angrily, and timidly. Read the following sentences:

She slowly turned the edge and peered right into the murky basement.

Slowly, she turned the edge and also peered right into the murky basement.

In the second sentence, the adverb slowly is put at the start of the sentence. If you review the 2 sentences aloud, you will certainly alert that relocating the adverb alters the rhythm of the sentence and slightly transforms its definition. The second sentence emphasizes how the topic moves—slowly—creating a buildup of anxiety. This method is efficient in fictional creating.

Note that an adverb provided at the start of a sentence is commonly adhered to by a comma. A comma suggests that the reader need to pausage briefly, which creates a advantageous rhetorical tool. Read the following sentences aloud and consider the impact of pausing after the adverb:

Cautiously, he unlocked the kennel and also waited for the dog’s reactivity.

Solemnly, the policeman approached the mayor and also put him under arrest.

Suddenly, he slammed the door shut and also spublished across the street.

In an academic essay, moving an adverb to the beginning of a sentence serves to differ the rhythm of a paragraph and boost sentence variety.


Naomi has actually used two adverbs in her essay that could be relocated to the start of their particular sentences. Notice just how the adhering to revised version creates an extra differed paragraph:


Adverbs of time—adverbs that indicate when an activity takes place—perform not constantly require a comma as soon as supplied at the start of a sentence. Adverbs of time incorporate words such as yesterday, today, later, sometimes, often, and also now.

Exercise 2

On your very own sheet of paper, rewrite the adhering to sentences by relocating the adverbs to the start.

The red truck sped furiously past the camper van, blaring its horn.Jeff snatched at the breview hungrily, sprucing up off 3 slices in under a minute.Underage drinking frequently results from peer push and also absence of parental attention.The firefighters bravely tackled the blaze, yet they were bconsumed back by flames.Mayor Johnson privately identified that the budacquire was too much and that even more discussion was necessary.


Please share via a classmate and also compare your answers.

Starting a Sentence via a Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional expression is a team of words that behaves as an adjective or an adverb, editing a noun or a verb. Prepositional phrases contain a preposition (a word that states area, direction, or time) and an item of the preplace (a noun phrase or pronoun that adheres to the preposition).

Table 7.1 Typical Prepositions


In this sentence, the prepositional phrase is underneath the table. The preposition underneath relates to the object that adheres to the preposition—the table. Adjectives might be inserted between the preposition and the object in a prepositional expression.

Some prepositional phrases deserve to be moved to the beginning of a sentence in order to create range in a piece of creating. Look at the following revised sentence:

Notice that as soon as the prepositional expression is relocated to the start of the sentence, the emphasis shifts from the subject—the terrified child—to the location in which the kid is hiding. Words that are placed at the start or end of a sentence primarily obtain the biggest focus. Take a look at the adhering to examples. The prepositional expression is underlined in each:

The bandaged man waited in the doctor’s office.

In the doctor’s office, the bandaged man waited.

My train leaves the terminal at 6:45 a.m.

At 6:45 a.m., my train leaves the terminal.

Teenagers exchange drugs and money under the railway bridge.

Under the railmethod bridge, teens exadjust drugs and also money.

Prepositional phrases are useful in any type of kind of creating. Take one more look at Naomi’s essay on the government bailout.

The underlined words are all prepositional phrases. Notice just how they include added indevelopment to the message and also carry out a sense of flow to the essay, making it less choppy and even more pleasurable to read.

Unmovable Prepositional Phrases

Not all prepositional phrases have the right to be put at the start of a sentence. Read the complying with sentence:

In this sentence, without whipped cream is the prepositional expression. Because it defines the cacao sundae, it cannot be moved to the beginning of the sentence. “Without whipped cream I would prefer a cacao sundae” does not make as much (if any) feeling. To determine whether a prepositional phrase have the right to be relocated, we should determine the meaning of the sentence.

Overusage of Prepositional Phrases

Experienced writers often encompass even more than one prepositional expression in a sentence; however, it is vital not to overload your writing. Using also many kind of modifiers in a paragraph might create an unintentionally comical result as the complying with instance shows:

The treasure lay hidden under the old oak tree, behind the crumbling fifteenth-century wall, near the schoolyard, where children played merrily during their lunch hour, unmindful of the riches that stayed concealed beneath their feet.

A sentence is not necessarily efficient simply bereason it is lengthy and also complicated. If your sentence appears cluttered through prepositional phrases, divide it right into two shorter sentences. The previous sentence is much even more efficient as soon as created as two easier sentences:

The treasure lay hidden under the old oak tree, behind the crumbling fifteenth-century wall. In the surrounding schoolyard, children played merrily throughout their lunch hour, unconscious of the riches that remained concealed beneath their feet.

Writing at Work

The overuse of prepositional phrases regularly occurs once our thoughts are jumbled and we are unsure just how principles or principles relate to one one more. If you are preparing a report or a proposal, take the time to organize your thoughts in an outline prior to composing a rough draft. Read the draft aloud, either to yourself or to a colleague, and also identify locations that are rambling or unclear. If you notification that a certain part of your report contains several sentences over twenty words, you need to double examine that certain area to make certain that it is coherent and also does not contain unimportant prepositional phrases. Reading aloud occasionally helps detect unclear and also wordy sentences. You deserve to also ask a colleague to paraexpression your major points to ensure that the interpretation is clear.

Starting a Sentence by Inverting Subject and Verb

As we listed earlier, the majority of writers follow the subject-verb-object sentence structure. In an inverted sentence, the order is reversed so that the subject adheres to the verb. Read the following sentence pairs:

Notice just how the second sentence in each pair places even more emphasis on the subject—a truck in the initially instance and also the file in the second. This method is beneficial for illustration the reader’s attention to your main location of focus. We have the right to use this strategy to an academic essay. Take one more look at Naomi’s paragraph.

To emphadimension the subject in specific sentences, Naomi can invert the conventional sentence structure. Read her revised paragraph:

Notice that in the initially underlined sentence, the topic (some economists) is inserted after the verb (argued). In the second underlined sentence, the subject (the government) is placed after the verb (expects).

Exercise 3

On your own sheet of paper, recreate the following sentences as inverted sentences.

Teresa will never attempt to run an additional marathon.A in-depth job summary is enclosed via this letter.Bathroom framework are across the hall to the left of the water cooler.The well-dressed stranger stumbled with the doorway.My colleagues remain unpersuaded about the proposed merger.


Please share through a classmate and compare your answers.

Connecting Ideas to Increase Sentence Variety

Reviewing and recreating the start of sentences is a great means of introducing sentence selection right into your writing. Another useful approach is to connect two sentences utilizing a modifier, a family member clausage, or an appositive. This area examines exactly how to attach principles across numerous sentences in order to boost sentence array and also enhance creating.

Joining Ideas Using an –ing Modifier

Sometimes it is feasible to integrate 2 sentences by converting among them into a modifier utilizing the –ing verb form—singing, dancing, swimming. A modifier is a word or phrase that qualifies the interpretation of one more aspect in the sentence. Read the adhering to example:

Original sentences: Steve checked the computer mechanism. He discovered a virus.

Revised sentence: Checking the computer mechanism, Steve discovered a virus.

To affix two sentences utilizing an –ing modifier, include –ing to among the verbs in the sentences (checking) and delete the subject (Steve). Use a comma to sepaprice the modifier from the subject of the sentence. It is essential to make sure that the main principle in your revised sentence is had in the main clausage, not in the modifier. In this example, the primary idea is that Steve uncovered a virus, not that he checked the computer system system.

In the following instance, an –ing modifier indicates that two actions are occurring at the very same time:

Noticing the police automobile, she shifted gears and slowed dvery own.

This implies that she slowed dvery own at the exact same time she noticed the police auto.

Barking loudly, the dog ran across the driveway.

This indicates that the dog barked as it ran throughout the drivemethod.

You have the right to add an –ing modifier to the start or the finish of a sentence, depending upon which fits best.

Beginning: Conducting a survey among her friends, Amanda discovered that few were happy in their tasks.

End: Maria filed the last report, meeting her deadline.

Dangling Modifiers

A common mistake once combining sentences utilizing the –ing verb form is to misplace the modifier so that it is not logically associated to the remainder of the sentence. This creates a dangling modifier. Look at the following example:

In this sentence, jogging across the parking lot seems to modify my breath. Due to the fact that breath cannot jog, the sentence must be rewritten so that the topic is put automatically after the modifier or included to the dangling phrase.

For more information on dangling modifiers, see Chapter 2 “Writing Basics: What Makes a Good Sentence?”.

Joining Ideas Using an –ed Modifier

Some sentences deserve to be linked utilizing an –ed verb form—stopped, finished, played. To usage this method, one of the sentences must contain a kind of be as a helping verb in addition to the –ed verb develop. Take a look at the adhering to example:

Original sentences: The Jones household was delayed by a web traffic jam. They arrived several hours after the party began.

Revised sentence: Delayed by a traffic jam, the Jones family arrived several hours after the party began.

In the original variation, was acts as a helping verb—it has actually no definition by itself, yet it serves a grammatical attribute by placing the major verb (delayed) in the perfect tense.

To affix 2 sentences using an –ed modifier, drop the helping verb (was) and the subject (the Jones family) from the sentence through an –ed verb develop. This creates a editing and enhancing expression (delayed by a website traffic jam) that have the right to be added to the beginning or finish of the other sentence according to which fits finest. Similar to the –ing modifier, be careful to area the word that the expression modifies instantly after the phrase in order to prevent a dangling modifier.

Using –ing or –ed modifiers can assist streamline your writing by illustration noticeable relationships in between 2 sentences. Take a look at exactly how Naomi might usage modifiers in her paragraph.

The revised version of the essay offers the –ing modifier opting to attract a link between the government’s decision to bail out the banks and also the result of that decision—the acquisition of the mortgage-backed securities.

Joining Ideas Using a Relative Clause

Anvarious other method that writers use to incorporate sentences is to sign up with them making use of a relative clause. A relative clausage is a group of words that has a topic and also a verb and also defines a noun. Relative claprovides function as adjectives by answering inquiries such as which one? or what kind? Relative claoffers start through a loved one pronoun, such as who, which, where, why, or when. Read the complying with examples:

Original sentences: The regulating director is visiting the agency following week. He lives in Seattle.

Revised sentence: The regulating director, that resides in Seattle, is visiting the company following week.

To connect 2 sentences making use of a relative clausage, substitute the topic of among the sentences (he) for a relative pronoun (who). This offers you a loved one clause (that stays in Seattle) that deserve to be placed alongside the noun it describes (the controlling director). Make sure to store the sentence you want to emphasize as the primary clausage. For example, reversing the main clause and subordinate clause in the preceding sentence emphasizes where the controlling director lives, not the reality that he is visiting the firm.

Relative clasupplies are a beneficial method of providing added, noncrucial information in a sentence. Take a look at how Naomi might incorpoprice family member clasupplies into her essay.

Notice exactly how the underlined relative clauses deserve to be removed from Naomi’s essay without altering the meaning of the sentence.


To examine the punctuation of loved one claoffers, assess whether or not the clausage have the right to be taken out of the sentence without changing its interpretation. If the family member clausage is not vital to the meaning of the sentence, it should be placed in commas. If the loved one clausage is essential to the definition of the sentence, it does not need commas roughly it.

Joining Ideas Using an Appositive

An appositive is a word or group of words that describes or renames a noun or pronoun. Incorporating appositives right into your writing is a useful means of combining sentences that are too brief and choppy. Take a look at the adhering to example:

Original sentences: Harland Sanders began serving food for hungry travelers in 1930. He is Colonel Sanders or “the Colonel.”

Revised sentence: Harland also Sanders, “the Colonel,” started serving food for hungry travelers in 1930.

In the revised sentence, “the Colonel” is an appositive because it renames Harland Sanders. To incorporate 2 sentences using an appositive, drop the subject and verb from the sentence that renames the noun and revolve it right into a expression. Note that in the previous example, the appositive is positioned automatically after the noun it describes. An appositive may be inserted almost everywhere in a sentence, yet it have to come directly prior to or after the noun to which it refers:

Appositive after noun: Scott, a poorly trained athlete, was not intended to win the race.

Appositive prior to noun: A poorly trained athlete, Scott was not intended to win the race.

Unchoose loved one claprovides, appositives are constantly punctuated by a comma or a collection commas. Take a look at the method Naomi provides appositives to incorporate added facts in her essay.

Exercise 4

On your very own sheet of paper, recreate the adhering to sentence pairs as one sentence using the approaches you have learned in this area.

Baby sharks are referred to as pups. Pups can be born in among 3 ways.The Pacific Ocean is the world’s largest ocean. It exoften tends from the Arctic in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south.Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. He is a champion swimmer.Ashley introduced her colleague Dan to her husband also, Jim. She speculated that the 2 of them would have actually a lot in widespread.Cacao is harvested by hand also. It is then offered to chocolate-handling companies at the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exreadjust.


Please share through a classmate and compare your answers.

Writing at Work

In enhancement to varying sentence framework, think about varying the types of sentences you are making use of in a report or various other workarea document. Most sentences are declarative, yet a very closely placed question, exclamation, or command also have the right to pique colleagues’ interemainder, also if the topic material is fairly dry. Imagine that you are creating a budacquire analysis. Beginning your report with a rhetorical question, such as “Wbelow is our money going?” or “How can we rise sales?” motivates civilization to proceed analysis to find out the answers. Although they should be supplied sparingly in academic and also experienced composing, concerns or regulates are reliable rhetorical devices.

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Key Takeaways

Sentence selection reduces repetition in a item of writing and adds emphasis to crucial points in the text.Sentence range can be introduced to the beginning of sentences by beginning a sentence with an adverb, starting a sentence through a prepositional expression, or by inverting the subject and also verb.Combine ideas, making use of modifiers, family member clasupplies, or appositives, to achieve sentence selection.